Cow and Gate Hungry Baby Milk

Alfie is 15 weeks now and last week i changed him on to hungry baby formula as he started waking up during the night again for a feed, he now sleeps 7:30 til 4am then has a feed and goes down again 20 mins later until 7am which is an improvement as he was waking at 2am and 5 am the week before, however i've noticed he strains a lot after each feed and sometimes during the feed too and (sorry tmi) his poos are now quite solid and rather than go once a day he has about 2 smaller dirty nappies.

Have any of you experienced the same?/ if so what did you do? just don't know if we should change back to formula 1 and just try him with baby rice in a few weeks.

Any thoughs advice would be appreciated! x


  • aptimel hungry baby milk is good. it has something in it which is abit like the natural laxative breast milk has in it. it might help?
  • hi, our lo is on c&g hungry baby and his poos are like that. we just give him water in between his feeds and he seems better with that x
  • I'll try the water first before changing again although if it continues i might try aptimel as i've heard really good reports on that!

    thanks x x
  • i changed millie on that milk, she was the same but it goes when the babys body gets use to it, x
  • Thanks ladies, that's reassured me i really didn't want to change him again, it'll be a week on thursday since i changed him so i'll see how it goes, i've started giving him water too and i have to say he was much better during his last feed!

    x x
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