Breastfed and won't take a bottle..

Ruby will be 6 months old next week and WILL NOT take a bottle, be it water or expressed milk.
This is starting to worry me as I am going into hospital soon and she will need to be fed by my OH/Mum and I will express enough for the duration but other than in a cup (with which she makes a mess and so CANNOT be used at night for that reason and is still taking 3 feeds a night) there is no other way.
What do I do?
How can I get her to take a bottle?
We have tried loads of different bottles and she just will not suck. She bites the teat and smiles. Even when some milk is squeezed into her mouth, she still will not suck.
Advise or experiences please?


  • have u tried the first years easy flow bottles?they are frm mothercare and baby has to latch on and feed in the same way as the breast.Just an idea? xxx
  • Have you tried having someone else offer the bottle, daddy, granny etc? x
  • oliver would only take the breast flow bottle, and evie wont have mummy milk from anywhere but booby! but will have water from a cup, i had to leave her with mum while i dashed to a&e with oliver and she wouldnt take expressed even with a medicene srynge! i wld def give the breast flow bottle a try hun. hope u get it sorted hun. xx
  • Hi I had the same problem with Eve but we've finally got her taking bottles again so don't give up! She was fine until she was 10 weeks and just suddenly stopped, we bought different teats but it didn't make a difference. We kept trying for 3 months and last week as suddenly as she'd stopped she was fine with them again. I don't know if it's connected to teething as it was around 10 weeks she started showing signs of teething. Only advice I can give is to keep trying every day and try to get someone else to give the bottle as Eve still won't take a bottle from me. We use Tommy tippee and even when she wasn't taking bottles she got less distressed when we used them. The only way we could give her milk was using a syringe or you could try a beaker.
    Hope it works out, I know how hard it is.
    Leanne x
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