Aww, My lil boy getting better!

Ollie has improved so much these last couple of days, he's not objecting to his meds or his inhaler anymore. He tries to help with his inhaler, its so funny because he cant push it down, but always tries, then takes four really big breaths when its been pushed down... :lol: then he pulls it away and looks at us as if to say well shake it and lets get on with it then.... :lol:

And he's eating! He's had one wheatbix for brekkie today, and a couple of small yoghurts, and drank some cordial.... on the whole he is eating enough to sustain him, but is slowly getting up to what he would have eaten beforehand.
We do have a long way to go to put his weight back on, as he lost almost 4 lbs in 10 days, but he was always slow at putting weight on so we dont expect any fantastic results anytime soon.

He's got his last day of meds tomorrow, but will still need his inhaler morning and night - we can hear him wheezing still around those times. Then he has his review on thurs, where we have to tell them everything he's eaten and drank and they decide what he needs from then on.....

But on the whole he seems a lot happier - and is certainly back to himself - he's running around like a loony, and refuses to go down for his midday nap (second day he's gone without it so far).
My dad and MIL have both been up helping this last four days (me and mark both got brought down with a viral infection whilst in hospital so have been struggling a bit) and I've really appreciated their help - even if MIL did want to feel baby kicking yesterday. I wouldn't let her though as it was the first time Mark had felt her kick, and I'm not sure I'm comfy letting anyone else feel her for a while yet.....

Ollie has got his appointment through for the ENT specialist, so it looks like him ending up in hospital did some good - its stuck a rocket up their arses anyway.... and when speaking to someone from their det it sounds like they are thinking of taking them out within the next 6 months....

So.... Hopefully, we will never have to go through the hell that has been the last fortnight ever again (although I wont hold my breath!!!)

I'm so proud of my lil boy for fighting back so fast, its only a week ago he was in hospital on oxygen, only a week! Feels like a lifetime ago whilst simultaneously feeling like yesterday.....

Just got MW apps, court appearances, docs apps, hospital apps and xmas to get sorted now.... :lol:



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