sleeping bags when it gets colder

hello ladies

we currently use a 2.5 sleeping bag and LO wears a vest and pjs under that at the mo, we are going to need some longer bags but i cant find a higher tog, so when it gets colder what do you do? LO was born in dec but as he was so small and didnt move we could wrap in blankets but he moves so much they dont stay on for long now


  • We used a 2.5 during the winter months without any problems. LO just had his vest and pjs on under it and never woke up feeling cold - and we live in Scotland! His sleeping bag did have removable sleeves though so we'd put them on or take them off depending on how cold it was.
    In the summertime we used a 1 tog sleeveless bag and vest/pjs or just pjs if it was particularly warm.
  • I use the same as MrsC and i am also in Scotland, it's freezing up here! Sometimes when dd was tiny i would put a cardigan on her as well.

    I think i am going to get her a bambino merino sleeping bag for this winter as it should last her for another year or so. They are also all weather image

  • Hiya

    With my dd she would have a vest, pjs, socks and then a fleecy babygrow over the top of all that (you can get them in Primark they go up to about 3 years i think?) and then a 2.5 sleeping bag. Sounds extreme but her nursery use to drop below 10 so it was very cold... we had to have the heating on through out the night too. She is in a different room now which is a bit warmer as it was insulated and she has a quilt but her baby brother is in her old room for this winter so i shall have to do the fluffy babygrow thing with him xx
  • Hiya

    Ethan is currently in a 2.5 tog bag with just a babygrow and no vest and he's been fine, until the temp dropped last night and the cold freezing hads have returned, so i'll be vesting him up tongight.

    As our babies are same month, i've decided to get a sleeping bag with arms from jojo maman bebe, and i did at times used to put a blanket over to, but again like yours won't be able to de to wriggling, so guess i'll just keep heating on til about 10pm in winter months as i hate it being on overnight, and it doesn't help that Ethan possibly suffers Asthma, so heating doesnt help him.

    So cant offer no great advice!
  • we have been to get some sleeping bags and have had to het 12-28 months as he too tall for 6-12 image i suppose i would have to layer him more underneath if it gets super cold, havent been able to get any long sleever vests anywhere yet! i know last winter the house was 16 degrees at its coldest x
  • i know Asda and Mothercare do long sleeve vests.
  • Last year when we had all the snow lo went to bed in a vest, pjs and a fleese sleepsuit, and his sleepingbag.
  • i've been asda. tesco and matalan and no long sleeved vests, boooo

    i might have to invest in a fleecy sleepsuit x
  • i got some long sleeved vests in asda last week, tesco still don't ahve any in though (and its a BIG tesco extra), if i remember rightly they didn't get any in last year until end of october/november when thir winter stocks came in

    in the winter we still stick to a 2.5 and ds has long sleeved vest and pjs on, we usually ahve the heating on so it stays around 17/18???? in his room anyway even in the winter, if u find its still on the chilly side u could always just lay a sheet or blanket over the top of him when u go to bed

    this chart might help,com_simplelists/Itemid,19/category_id,18/layout,toggle/view,simplelist/


    argh link doesn't work too well, if u click on 'about gorbag (thie first one), then there is an option 'what should my child wear under grobag, and that gives a spreadsheet type thing with temps, togs and clothes hth xx

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  • I think 2.5tog is the highest they can go. DD was born end of October and we used 2.5 in the winter and 1.5 in the summer, our house is very cold in the winter usually dropping to about 13 degrees at night so we have fleecy pjs from primark along with sleepsuits and long sleeve vests, we also will put socks on her if it is very cold and maybe scratch mitts.
  • might have to bide my time, i even travelled to the big asda and tescos :\(
  • I ordered long sleeved vests and a new 2.5tog sleeping bag from Asda last night. Cant believe its still August and we are talking about putting them in vests and winter sleeping bag already - where did the summer go :\(
  • i agree about tk maxx we have got some brilliant ones and i have got grobags for ??12.99 when they are about ??40 in mothercare
  • I got long sleeved vests from M&S, they are fab. You can usually get a pack of 7 for ??6 or thereabouts image
  • might have a peek in TK max and m & s,

    i told the lady in asda that they should have expected cold weather in august when she said they were not in yet :lol:
  • I found a website that sells 3.5 tog sleepbags and also ones with long
  • ooh thanx for that x
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