am i wrong to feel angry?

My MIL gave the boys hot water bottles when they stayed at hers the other night and although I didnt say anything it made me a bit angry at the thought of them having boiling hot water in bed with them. I know im a lil overprotective of my boys but do you think i have good reason to feel angry? I possibley wouldve let them have them but it wouldve been nice to have been able to check them over first. I know shes more than capeable but I still feel i shouldve been asked first. Am I being silly?

Sorry know this is more toddler related but there are more of you on here xx

Elaine and boys xx


  • no i can understand why you feel like this. hot water bottles are really dangerous as they can burst if they are overfilled or the water is too hot.
    I have recently started giving my nearly 4 year old one but thats my choice and obviously i'm in control of making sure the water is not too hot if for any reason it did burst or leak.
    is she approachable for a quiet word about this? or maybe buy them a warming toy. my son has a teddy bear that you put on the radiator and it has warming beans in it that retain the heat so its much safer.
  • no you are not wrong. hot water bottles are so dangerous especially for children. I would have been angry too xx
  • Without being rude, I don't see the problem with this. Maybe I'm just lucky to have lovely inlaws but presumably yours love your boys and wouldn't have done it if they hadn't been sure there was no risk. I'd feel I was patronising them if I asked to check the bottles over myself first (but like I say I have no doubt about how careful mine would be with Lily).

    Hope you don't mind the alternative viewpoint :\)
  • I would be angry too. I know boots, and woolworths have both had to recall certain hot water bottles as they have had problems with them.

    They are incredibly dangerous for children at a young age, Kelsie is 15 months nearly, and she can get a milk bottle lid off done up as tight as we can and she managed it, combination of teeth and hands :lol: Just imagine if that was a hot water bottle - or not!!!

    I would definatly be pissed off, and dont blame you one bit!!

  • i dont think i would have been able keep quiet i would have given her what for, i wouldnt give my kids hot water bottles as i would always be scared of them bursting, i had one leak on me when i was younger thankfully it was the next morning so it had cooled down by then thankfully x
  • I am not sure I would be angry or pi*t off about it but yes I guess there could be safety issues but think didn't most of us have hot water bottles as children????? so I assume the older generation still think its normal to give hot water bottles just like they use too xx
  • i wouldnt be happy giving Evie a water bottle, if i was using one i'd put it in to warm the bed and then take it out. Water bottles can leak so it can be really dangerous xxx
  • I wouldn't say wrong if it's how you feel love, I think there is a bit of a genarational thing tho.. I always had a hot water bottle as a child & my mum's thinking was just that she wanted me to be snug & warm cause we lived in a really big old drafty house.. maybe just have a word with her about checking things with you first? or if she going to do it say about just warming the bed with them and then taking them out when the children are ready for bed! x
  • My FIL had one burst over his chest when he was a toddler, and is very scarred from it, so I definately think you should be careful in relation to them. Maybe mention to her you would rather she not use them next time? Am sure she didnt do it to pee you off, and probably thought there was no problem with it, so maybe just let her know it worried you. I'd be really annoyed to be honest and would probably have moaned and got hubby to tell them, hehe. xxx
  • i think i wud feel the same dont think they should have hot water bottles at a young age anything can happen.
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