will i ever learn?

when jessica is hungery there is no build up, she just screams.
i know hr cry for when shes having a moan.

she had her last bottle at 4.15pm which was 3 hours since her last one. i spent a good 30-40 mins trying to wind her but only got one burp out of her.

shes been in her chair doing a sort of moany cry which got louder. i thought it might be trapped wind. hubby thought it was hunger. so i made her a bottle and shes had 1oz. shes now asleep.

im worried that im mistaking trapped wind for hunger. :cry:


  • hi hon!!

    sorry, how old is she?

    when she feeds do you stop part way and wind her?

    how do you wind her? (rolling round in circles / rubbing her back etc)

    does she empty bottles?

    have you tried massaging her tum?

    it maybe that you are not winding her the way that is best for her, or that she needs a littl bit more than what you are giving her to make hr more setlled. some babies do go from nothing to scream instead of a gentle build up, but if you are worried ask to see your HV / MW

  • shes 6 weeks tomorrow.. i dont stop half way so i could try that during nex feed. i wind her by rubbing and patting back. shes on 2oz and takes them comfortably. i have offerered her 3oz but shes happy just taking the 2oz.
    thanks for the advice
  • wow evie is a month old and takes 5oz every 3-4 hours! god what a little piglet i have! hope jessica settles for you after the next feed. we wind evie after every oz. have you tried giving jessica a dummy after her feed? evie screams after a feed but as soon as she gets a dummy she is fine, i think sometimes she just needs to suck a bit more- we've started calling her dummy cheesecake as its as if she needs dessert after her mains! xxxx


  • instead of rubbing her back to wind her, sit her on your knee, place a hand flat on her chest or under her chin, one flat against her back and just rotate her in circles - this is usually very good for getting wind up.

    if she is only taking 2oz at a time, how often is she feeding? or was she very small? it does seem a small amount for a 6wk baby. if she is feeding very frequently, see if you can get her to go a bit longer between, and she may have a bigger amount. i think ideally she should be on about 6 feeds a day.

  • she was 5lb 6oz and 3 days over due. feeds every 2-3 hours, but then some days she has 1oz and an hour later she'll want the other oz.
  • Hi hon, have to agree with the other girls thats not a lot for a 6 week baby! What is her weight gain like!!
    Have you spoken to HV to see if she has any thoughts? xx
  • she has gained weight really well. the hv doesnt seem concerned. i tell her how much she has and how often. think her tummy must be small.
  • oh used to wind cameron by placing him on his knee, facig out and twisting his upper body one way then the other and that worked really well..i could never do it though.
    i think its a common problem getting wind out of newborns, cam got a lot easier after a few months on pat and it was out!
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