Transition from formula to cows milk

I was just wondering how and when you did this? I dont want to get to 1 year and swap over suddenly

LO is generally on 2 8ox bottles a day atm and maybe 2oz at lunch (he is 8.5 months)

He has cows milk with his weetabix.....when did u start giving bottles of milk? did LO's accept it easily? also what temp did u give it?



  • Hey, i put my dd on cows milk around the 10 -11 month mark. (shes nearly 3 now so im trying to think back that far lol) Some people say to mix the milk but i didnt as i was also told it may make the number 2's a but constipated and i already had that problem with her. I did just switch over 1 bottle to start off with possibly try the morning bottle first as then he will be having brekkie anyway and then if he likes it just change the evening bottle the next day. My dd just went straight over with no problems but im sure there are some with problems you will just have to see how you get on with 1 bottle at a time.

    I was told to start giving milk in a beaker but dd never wanted a beaker so i gave in a bottle till around 2 yrs old when she stopped having bottles but if your lo has a beaker it would probably be better to offer in one rather than a bottle even if its just for a morning one.

    I have always heated milk up a bit in the microwave (naughty mummy) up until about 2 when i offered it in a cup and cold.

    Hope this helps xx
  • Are you not supposed to heat cows milk up then, I do for his wetabix.
  • 'GUIDLINES' Suggest not to heat milk in a microwave because of hotspots, i dont think this counts for wetabix!!

    Would be interested to see how every one does this as i have been wsondering the same, i might start offering cows milk in a beaker with his snack in the afternoon? xx
  • I started at about 11 months, giving cows milk in the morning and still formula at night until the formula ran out. We were already using beakers for milk by then - it might be an opportunity to switch to a beaker if you're making a change anyway, but it's no big deal to stick with bottles for a bit longer. My lo wasn't keen on cows milk at first, he'd only take a few sips - but I'd keep offering him the beaker (but not pushing him) and within a week or so he was emptying it - btw he'd been used to cows milk on cereal etc from 6 months. I didn't worry he wasn't taking much at first as I knew in that time he was still getting his formula at night.
    A year on he absolutely loves cows milk, and asks for it as soon as he gets up!

    We've never warmed it for a drink, but it was Summer when we started with it so I didn't think he'd want a warm drink - it's personal preference though, but it easier if they'll take it cold! It is fine to warm the milk as long as it's warm throughout and there are no hot spots. Actually I did offer warm milk once when it was snowing and he'd been playing out, and he hated it - kept giving it back to me and asking for milk!

    My HV advised cows milk as a drink is ok from 10 months.
  • I was still bf Isaac at 1 year, but only once when he woke up. He had formula in a beaker at breakfast and at bedtime from 10m. He had cows milk on his braekfast anyway, so from 11m I gave him a bit in a beaker too. at 12m I then stopped bf him and gave him cows milk at bedtime.
    He preferred it warm, prob as bm is so warm. I always heated it in the microwave and made sure I either shook or stirred the hotspots out.
    Oscar at 8m throws up if I put cows milk on his breakfast, so not sure I'll wean him in the same way!

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