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Hi all

We have sold our house and hoping to exchange contracts within 3-weeks as we currently have no chain. We have looked at a few houses to buy and we went to see a bungalow today and really love it!
The bedrooms ARE small but hey, you only sleep in them!!!

Just wondering what peoples thoughts on bungalows are. does anyone live in one? how do you find it? We have Tobes who is 14months and hoping to start TTC for a 2nd, this time next year.

We are downsizing in terms of size but we're moving to a lovely area, bigger garden and good schools nearby.

It would be our hope that in 3yrs time ish, we could afford to have some work done to the property - either add a 2nd storey or build into the loft space. The house has been refurbished and is perfect to move right into - no work to be done only the garden to sort out (getting rid of many shrubs etc. so we can have plain grass for T to run around on)

Don't know what to do!!! Don't even know if the owner would accept our offer!!! LOL



  • I grew up in a bungalow and loved it, up side (sorry to be pesimistic) but if there are fires or anything easy to get out!!!! there is no stair hazzard when as a child sleeping I know my mum and dad are just accross the hall even before they go to bed, I really loved it.

    Down side would be unlike lining in a 'house' the mess is in view for all whereas if downstairs is clean you dont care if upstairs is messy as no one will be up there lol, my house was timber frame so you could hear everything all over the house and obviously you were all on the same floor but it never really bothered me I would only think of this now as I have kids of my own but I suppose I was used to it so they would be?? They are used to sleeping upstairs with a bit more peace because that is all that they have known??

    good luck xx
  • I lived in one storey places until I was 30 and bought my own house!

    When I lived with my dad in a bungalow, the bedrooms were across a hall so a decent distance from the lounge, and the sound of the tv etc. If you don't want people seeing into the bedrooms you close the doors.

    It's good not having the stair hazard.

    I lived in a ground floor flat after the bungalow. A bit smaller, but still not too big a problem with sound.

    I can't see any reason why a bungalow isn't as good as a house. It's whether you like it that's important! xx
  • Totally G/C'ing here, but we moved into our bungalow last year and its brilliant! Not sure i would want to go back to 2 floor living. Pro's are easier cleaning, especially hoovering, safer for kids, no stair hazards, you are not cut off from the kids so you know what they are up to, we save money on window cleaners lol, and tons more. I cant think of any negatives to be totally honest. We are hoping for another baby so hopefully need an extra bedroom, but we hate the thought of leaving our lovely home. We cant extend upwards as we are in rented, but if it was ours we maybe would for an extra room and out of the way storage - most bungalows have HUGE lofts!!!

    I would seriously consider a bungalow, especially if the area is lovely, good luck, and sorry again for G/C x

    ps. We keep our hallway clean and tidy, but when the bedrooms are messy, we just close the doors - better too if guests need to use the bathroom and an upstairs is messy :- )
  • Slightly different, but I grew up in a fifth-floor flat with two siblings. By its nature, there was no room to extend the flat in any way, so I ended up sharing a room with my sister from the time I was six which was quite tough (I'm incredibly defensive about my own space) but that was a result of the size of the house, not its layout. Otherwise, there really was no downside and it still feels like home when I go back to see my mother, who still lives there. I say go for it, if you love it. Looks as if we are going to be stuck in our tall narrow house with too many stairs and no way of fitting stairgates until after the birth of number 2. :\(
  • aaaah thanks everyone - such lovely, positive stories and really useful pros of living in one!!!

    MrsA - hubby said I am forbidden for broadcasting too much about the house on FB - such a misery! LOL

    THG - is there something we don't know??!?!?!? "after the birth of number 2"............!!!

    Thanks so much again! Joo xxx
  • :lol: Just that, bar a complete crash of the housing marked, we will probably be in this house for another three years or so and I want to start ttc in November. The plus side is that we do have the space for two and are in the catchment area of an excellent primary school. The downside is all these bloody stairs and no garden. But I think I may have worked out how we can afford our dream home in that time (assuming I get this funding I've just applied for) so I am coming around to the idea (slowly).
  • Hey Joo congrats on selling your house! Very excited for you. How funny that you are going to thinking of going from 3 floors to 1!

    Keep us updated xxx
  • I live in a bungalow, and I have 2 kids, one 20 weeks, and one 10yrs old. I love it, as I can hear baby asleep in our room, and no need for monitors.

    Unfortunately we need to move somewhere bigger though, as we need a 3rd bedroom!

    As stated earlier, its so much easier to clean, being all on one level!
  • i hacve a bungalow as well i second the hearing out for the baby is easier, especially as i moved lo into his own room at 4 months. Noise has never been an issue the hall divides the bedrooms from each other and the lounge from the kitchen so we can watch tv when lo is in bed. No stairs to clean great when pregnant as well none of that pile of things to go upstairs. I wouldnt hesitate, oh and apparantly bungalows dont lose as much money in a falling market?! Thats what sarah beeny says!!
  • Hi There

    We moved into a bungalow with a 2nd storey, about 6 weeks ago. From the front, it still looks like a bungalow. For some reason I was unsure about "bungalow-living" but having a 2nd storey combines the two. Upstairs there are 2 double bedrooms and a toilet (space to add a shower cubicle later on) and downstairs there are 2 double bedrooms (the 3rd was converted into the lobby and stairs area which is lovely and spacious and gives me space to have the pram in the house), then there is the bathroom, lounge, kitchen and conservatory. There are lots of options to extend etc so I would seriously consider it if you like it.
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