Cranial Osteopathy


I'm looking for experiences of CO as I'm looking into it for my 6 month old in the hope it may sort some of his sleep issues but I need to convince DH that its worthwhile. For those who have done it, especially for sleep problems:

Has it worked?
How old was LO when they had it?
Would you recommend it?

Also, I had a relatively easy labour with LO with no trauma to him that I'm aware of during the birth, does this mean CO would be a waste of time and money and he's just a cheeky monkey who likes nighttime cuddles with mummy far too much?



  • Hi there,

    We had our first session of this last week and going back again on Tues. Our LO was a forceps delivery, but the osteopath said even babies who have easy labours need osteopathy

    I'll post again after our next session.

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