stupid question i know but.......

Has anyone noticed by any chance whether their lo's toes curl up all the time that they are in there doorway bouncers cos Ryans always do and i get abit worried he might end up doing something to his feet by doing it, is this normal?


  • i think its normal babe daisy has allways done this and always stood on tipitoes now she is standing and walking more she is beginning to flatten her feet and toes out.
  • Cole used to curl his toes up a lot - he did it when he had shoes/slippers on but I can't remember if he did it in his bouncer. I was told that it was quite common for lo's to do that. Now he's walking he doesn't do it any more.

    If you are worried, could you put some padding down under him when he bounces so its softer? We used to put cole between the kitchen and lounge which was tiles in the kitchen so I had some of those foam jigsaw type playmat pieces and I used to put them under his feet so he had a nice safe surface to bounce off
  • he has got a playmat thing especially to go under him that when he jumps on it, it makes sounds and songs.
    thanks for that girls at least now i know its normal, u worry about the stupidest things as a first time mum. :lol:
  • The toe flexing or curling you mention is a normal reflex for LOs. We were told this at baby massage group.
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