spots and rash - teething?

Hi my son is 3 months and the poor little one is teething already. He is dribbiling like mad and we can feel the tooth when we put bonjella on.

We noticed yesterday that he has freckles coming through on his cheeks but this morning when we looked he also has small red spots on his face and and sides of his head. They arnt raised and they do disappear when I put pressure on them. He also has raised pimples on his cheeks but they have no colour to them.

I've looked and there dosnt seem to be a rash anywhere else on his body. He is still drinking enough, but is bringing a small amount back up. Do you think the rash/spots ect could be related to him teething or do I need to see the doc?

Kayleigh & Riley
3 months


  • funnily enough my lo has just had the same, red spots all over her face and head that looks similar to heat rash? Apparently it's a viral infection, I think it may be to do with her teething as she has recently had her 2 front teeth come through (she is 6 months)? I would take him to the docs just to get it checked out if i were you?
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