Is it just my little money or does anybody elses baby.......

Give you bruises because they are such a wriggle bum, I currently have about 5 on me, given to me all by Luke! where he does not keep still for a minute, even nanny and grandad are his victims, they say child beaters but in my case its mummy beaters from child!

Don't like going swimming now as people may think I am being beaten! Yes from a child!


  • i have bad scratches on my chest! if the milk doesnt flow quickly enough...
  • Yes, I have had bruises on my chest and I always get back handed slaps across the face!! I always get my hair pulled out too, I swear I am starting to go bald!!
  • I've been backhanded in the face really hard once too! Also kicked in the tummy quite a bit and he is constantly pulling/pinching/scratching my face and neck - ouch!!
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