where do you put the highchair?

Sorry if this seems like a silly question but there is method in my madness honestly.

We have a Chicco Polly highchair which is normally kept in the kitchen as its where we have most of our meals, however, when my oh gives our lo his breakfast he will move the highchair into the front room so he can watch cbeebies while eating his food. I don't want our little man to get used to eating his meals in front of the tv but on the other hand, the kitchen is a pretty boring place, staring at the same 4 walls and I think that at least if hes in the front room then hes distracted whilst eating, although he doesn't tend to have a great deal of food at the moment, if we put him in the front room and spread food on the tray, he just takes it whenever he wants and I can sit on the comfy chair next to him to keep an eye on him rather than an uncomfy, hard dining chair.

When me and my sister were growing up, she would not eat a meal without watching the TV and I remember my mum having battles with her just to eat!!!and obviously I don't want that to happen.

What do other people think? My little man is 9 months old, is it really such a bad thing? We will be moving house soon and won't be able to keep the high chair in the kitchen as its just not big enough so he will be sat in the front room at the dining table with the tv on.


  • we have music on in the kitchen and have our meal in there we used to have table in lounge but my older kids esp were distracted and i didnt want toula to be the same so made a rule of no TV while eating. we all sit at the table talk etc have a kiddy cd on its lovely. from my experience of the older kids getting too used to it and not eating id say no TV but its up to the individual person x
  • Our son is also 9 months and we use a travel highchair with a tray. It is strapped to a dining chair and is in our dining room so Gabriel eats all his meals actually at the dining table. It is a great little highchair with lots of padding so it is nice and comfy. The only time he sits in front of the tv is for his snacks mid morning and mid afternoon and even then it will only be for 15-20 mins.

    Hubby and I are really bad as we eat our meals in front of the telly. However, we don't want to keep doing that and would like the three of us to eat at the dining table together which is why G eats at the table now.

    Why don't you try feeding him in the living room without the tv on and see what happens?

  • We feed our LO in the high chair, in the kitchen. It just seems the easiest and most obvious place for us at the minute. I'm hoping to move him to the dining table at some point in the future but don't think this transition would cause a problem or at least I hope it won't xx
  • We have a lounge-diner (wish it was a kitchen diner for cleaning up reasons, but anyway) and my LO's high chair lives up at the dining table.

    I always turn the telly off when I give LO her meals. Sometimes she will chat about what's on telly with me, but more often than not she glazes over and won't interact when she's watching, and I don't want that as I like talking to her at meal times as it's one of the few times I have her full attention. We often have the radio on and sing though :\)
  • Peter's highchair is at the kitchen table (thank heavens for a kitchen diner). We don't have room for it in the living room and I tend to live in the kitchen anyway, particularly in summer. Like PTB, we have the radio on a lot. Also, we have a large window and he loves looking out of that during meals, particularly if dad is putting out the washing while we are eating breakfast! image
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