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Hi everyone

This is a bit of G/C since i haven't had my baby yet but i was hoping some of you might have some ideas/recommendations for me.

Ok basically the problem is that i'm pretty much permenantly in a wheelchair and although we will be getting a pushchair for OH to take little one out and about i obvioisly wont be able to use that so need something to carry baby round in. Most of the baby carriers ive seen dont really look like they'd be comfortable in a sitting position for either me or baby and i'm sure ther not really designed to be used like that for long periods because most people would be walking when using them i presume.

I suppose i could just hold the baby in one arm but since i need the other hand to drive the chair (its electric) that would literally leave me no hands to do anything.

So i'm a bit stuck

Any ideas would be great, even daft ones!




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  • Hi, I don't know what it's called I'm afraid, but do you watch Eastenders? The Massoods had a baby sling that goes over one shoulder and cradles the baby. Unlike the ones that have the baby upright. I'll have a bit of a look on the internet, but might not be able to find what I mean as using mobile. Oh congrats on your pg by the way. xx
  • have what I'm talking about, but you might be able to find one cheaper. :\) xx

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  • Hi Liz
    a ring sling or pouch sling would be suitable I think.
  • Gosh that's a tough one!! I can only say that I have the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier, and while I am sure you are right that it is probably not designed for sitting I have noticed that I can easily sit with it on. Sometimes if I've been out for a walk with Toby in it he falls asleep and I can't bear to take him out and wake him when we get home so I just sit on the couch for a bit until he wakes up on his own.

    Probably a proper sling would be better though so that his legs weren't so in the way??

    Sorry not coming up with any good ideas at the mo!

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  • Hi

    I used the karrime sling all the time and found it comfortable even when i was sitting,

    My friend uses it in the front facing postion and when she sits baby sits on her lap but is held in place by the sling.

    they look difficult to use but they are really easy

  • i wld also suggest a sling as opposed to a baby carrier, but they will still only be suitabe really for when baby is newborn enough to lie down in it, i 'm sorry i cn't be of more help xx
  • i use slings all the time and especially when i use my wheelchair.

    i use mei tai slings. i wouldnt reccomemed using carriers like baby bjorn as the baby dangles by their crotch. also i wouldnt reccoment putting a baby forward facing in a sling either unless you have no boobs and a compleley flat belly!

    my LO is nearly one now so sitting up. so when she is awake i use my sling (another advantage of sling versu carrier) to secure her to me so shes sitting up but wont fall off. or google kozy slings or bigmama slings.

    i remember replying to your topic when you first joined.
  • this might sound really stupid but i saw someone in a wheelchair in the shopping center near mine with one of those fabric chair attatchments that turn any chair into a highchair ( and she had customised it so it had a hole for her head so she had essentially turned herself into a highchair!

    like i said you might think i'm crazy but i thought it was quite cool for once baby could hold its own head up xx
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