Secret santa..........

Did we decide on a date to open prezzies??

And - has everyone opened the card to read the clues to work out who sent thiers??? Or waiting to do that too?

Mine is sitting in the jiffy bag.........I'm trying to ignore it so I dont do any poking or


  • Did we decide on Tues 2nd Dec or have I imagined that? I've not opened the card yet so haven't looked at any clues.
  • I'm just presuming it's the secret santa lol - maybe I should open the card!!...........................
  • I think opening the present would be cheating but can understand why you opened the card.
  • To be honest I was going to open the card, but it's sellotaped to the parcel and I'll probably rip the wrapping off, trying to get the card off so I've just left it. But no I don't think opening the card is cheating either - it just gets you guessing for longer!!
  • soooooooooooo tempted to open the card now! lol But Louise is asleep on my lap......get get to it!

    I confess to a little shake.................
  • I opened the card too and I think I know who sent mine! Icould be wrong though! I thought we said Tuesday 2nd too can't remember if we set a time!
  • i ve sent mine but not recieved yet, yes opening day is 2nd december, and i think you are allowed to open cards. Think i went bit ott with clues lol she will know straiht away lol so hope she waits til 2nd decembe to open it lol
  • i still haven't recieved one yet :cry: hehe! my clues were really easy too lol never mind x
  • jenny enough with the hehe's PLEASE
  • hehe...oh...oops :lol:
  • I've opened the card now - I thought the clues would take me to the person easily but after a bit of a search I havn't worked out who it is yet!!
  • share your clues so we can help you guess or have a go ourselves but wont tell you if you want to doit yourself. Please
  • I will share my clues but also do want to work i out for myself!!
    They're lo was brn in Nov 07 and they've also been a member since then. She had 1242 posts at the time and her avatar is of lo with a huge cheeky grin.
    Trouble is, i've been to 'born in nov 07 but no-one has posted there since dec, and looks ore like due in nov 07 posts.

    Please do not tell me if you guess!!!

    [Modified by: lisajoy on November 12, 2008 04:44 PM]

  • i wont tell you but i think i have guessed it, gonna check she is on the list. Good luck xx cant wait to get mine now!!
  • Someone from cumbria then gemzy? :lol:

  • I think I know who mine is from now!! ........
  • i know mine i think xx
  • i recieved mine the other day and opened the card and read the clues, but ive not worked out who its from yet!! im so excited to open it!! X
  • share your clues lol wont tell u answer , i'll share mine ;

    i'm large grey and wet
    i cannot fly or walk
    if i lie on a beach ppl might throw a net over me to get me back in the water?
  • ive narrowed mine down to 3 people!! yikes im stuck now!!

    my clues - i'm a first time mum to a little girl who keeps me up a lot at night
    - my usename is not very imaginative
    -i have been a member since early 2008, most my posts are from later in the year......

    i need to do some more investigating
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