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My lo is breastfed and at 17 weeks is now happy to also take formula from a bottle. I'm hoping that by giving her hungry baby formula at night she night sleep longer, but also I am just about to start doing evening work so want my dh to be able to feed lo.

But....................last night my dh gave her a bottle before bed - she only took 4oz, then 1oz as a dream feed. I expressed when he fed her and got 5oz and had to stop as the bottle I was using couldn't hold anymore so i'm sure she usually gets for than 4oz when she feeds from me at night. I did 'top up' the night feed by feeding her - but more so that my body knew I still want milk for that time of the day.

It took her a long time to get those 4oz - would a faster flow teat help?

And, she weighs 17lb 7oz - how many oz's should she have as a feed ideally?



and - I tried stage 1 aptimal but she didn't like it but will take the stage 2 - hungry baby - odd - but will stick to it as she takes it!!

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  • A faster flow teat may help. We tired variflow teats but Lily didn't get on with them so we got the number two teats and she was better with them. I have tommee tipee bottles. Lily weighs 16lb 11oz and is 18 and half weeks. She takes 7oz and has 5 feeds a day. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Lisa

    My otherwise bf lo has been having a bedtime bottle for longer than i can remember. He only took about 4oz to start with, but now takes 7 or 8.

    We use the avent bottles i found the meidum flow (no 2) teat helped him drink more but the fast flow (no 3) teat makes him choke. Our local bf expert also said not to give too fast a teat because they can get lazy when they are bf.

    My hv advised we give him hungry baby because he would only sleep for about 3 hours on bf. With hungry baby he seems to get indigestion and is not very settled, often still waking after two or three hours. We have had success with the heinz nurture gentle formula, it is a thick formula and he sleeps from 7 to 9 hours on this.

    With regard to how much, the advice we were given was to prepare an oz more than he normally takes. There is a guide on the side of the milk tubs, i tend to go by weight rather than age as like your lo, he is topping the weight charts.
  • Thanks!

    wow, I just googled heinze nurture gentle formula and had to read info about beast feeding being best before entering the site!

    tyger - did you use normal or hungry baby heinz? Louise has a dream feed at 10 and then wakes at 2, 5 and 6! at the moment - this is an improvement on some really unsettled nights we've had. this is based on breast feeding her.

    She has been a bit grotty this am (though I darn't tell dh as he's got her on his own tonight...) so maybe it's down to the formula, plus she woke herself up passing wing at about 9.50 last night...bless her!!
  • All the sites have that - apparently it is illegal for the manufacturers to advertise formula for babies under 6 months so they have to have all that.

    We actually used aptamil hungry baby. Now we use the Heinz nurture gentle. I have used the ready made ordinary aptamil and heinz during the day when out but, prefer the gentle because it is thicker. The heinz also has something in it to ease constipation, isaac used to only pooh once every 5 days or so and was sometimes quite uncomfortable. Now it is a couple of times a day!

    I used to have had some nights with isaac waking every two hours for a feed, but now he typically wakes about 1 and 3.30. He then wakes to get up around 7,but often does not want a feed till 8.30!

    Isaac has been a bit grumpy too, i think it is his teeth
  • Thanks! I've sent my dh to get a couple of cartons from boots to give it a try. Do you buy the tubs - how many feeds do you get out of a tub? Just wondering if it is worth buying a tub as I think they only last for 4 weeks??
  • Sorry to gatecrash but just noticed something you said Tyger about Isaac not pooping for 5 days well Amber is the same - when she does go its lots and it is soft.

    I spoke to my hv and she said uits normal for b'feds to do this but she seems v uncomfortable when she does go for one really fusses. When she does go though she seems so much happier in herself - do you stii b'feed or just ff now? I give her the odd bottle of c&g comfort but that heinz sounds good with the bentol(sp?) in it, sounds just like what she needs tbh with the pooping issue - bless her. Sorry to bug you lol!!

    Lisajoy - Amber is 10lb 10 and rarely has more than 40z . Takes her about 30 mins to take 3oz in the night, in the day though she can take 4oz in about 10mins. I am going to try the 2 or variflow teats soon xxxx
  • Don't worry about gatecrashing!

    Louise spat cow and gate back at me! Lol!! I had also heard that bf babies dont poo as regulary as ff babies, but my lo poo's far too much!!!

    My dh went out and got some MAM bottles (recommended to me by another BE mum, with medium teats..........we'll see how she gets on with these!!

    She didn't like the tommee tippee ones at all!!
  • Lol, well Amber looks at me so confused when I give her formula in the night, in the day she is quite happy though - strange!!

    She is good with the tommee tippee ones though she has always had ebm in these. Do they have those heinz gentle ones in cartons , might get some when I go back to the uk.

    I actually wish Amber would poo more as she is happier when she does lol xxxx
  • Hi Amy and Amber

    I am still bf except for the bedtime bottle.

    Isaac was also uncomfortable before pooing may just be a coicidence, but worth tying the heinz??
  • Hi Tyger, thanks for your reply, yeah Its strange I gave her the cow and gate comfort and she had 2 poos the day after!!!

    Do they do it in cartons would like to try it before buying a tub xxxx
  • Yes they do - my dh picked some up in boots. or thier website is
    it shows you the stockists
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