more weaning q's from me! (sorry)

ok my little man has now been on baby rice for lunch for 1 week and seems to love it
- when do i move on from rice?
where to start,
- shall i give him a mix of 2 different cubes or start with one flavour? if so which one?

i think i'm all prepared as have bags of cubed purred carrot, potato, parsnip and sweet potato in the freezer that i've made of the last few days ready (had alot of fun too) and have read annabel karmels book
- but is there any other veg i could also do for a bit more variety to start (was thinking broccoli?)

i was thinking fruit once established eating the veg



  • I think just start with one flavour, i tried Ruby with carrots 1st which she didnt like, so mixed them with baby rice or pears and now she will eat them on their own.

    I also started of on the veggies then introduced fruits, she will eat her veg no probs but is defo a pudding person!

    Ruby loves Butternut Squash, after she except the above you've mentioned i then introduced sweetcorn, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, swede and mixed them.

    Good Luck image Be time to add protein soon, then it gets more confusing! Annabel Karmel book has been a god send for us.

  • Jack had rice for a week then i mixed half a banana into it for 2 days. I tried carrot first then sweet potato,butternut squash,broccoli,cauliflour,parsnip apple and pear. He loves them all. Only thing he wasnt too keen on was plums!
  • Cole didn't like babyrice so he had a couple of weeks of either cow&gate fruity breakfast or heinz fruit yoghurt breakfast in the afternoons, then we made up butternut squash, pear, apple, carrot, sweet potato & papaya puree cubes. Switched the cereal stuff to mornings and he had butternut squash for 4 days, then sweet potato for 4 days, jar of mango stuff for 2 days and is now on carrot. He absolutely loves carrot!! We have tried porridge a couple of times but he;s not keen on it! When we've been through all the purees we'll try mixing fruit with porridge and mixing some things up.

    Then we'll go back to the annabel karmel book once he's 6 months old to start adding other bits
  • HI, Gracie was on rice for 2 weeks and is now on fruity breaky stuff and pureed veg for tea. I've not isolated the veggies, she's had carrots and sweet pot to start with, then I added broccoli, now she's having butternut squash and parsnips too. She likes banana and apple too, not got round to other fruit yet! She's also tried a petit filous yoghurt with the fruit puree at the bottom (from 4mth) today, such a funny face!
  • you should give one flavour for 3-4 days at a time at the beginning, i started paige on sweet potatoes for 4 days then for the next 4 days (when i knew she didnt have a reaction to sweet pots) i mashed in some carrot for 4 days, then i mashed in some broccoli, and just went on and on, i think she must've had just about every veg imaginable in it be the end of the list lol then after the veggies i started mixing in meats i started with chicken as its the blandest, then beef, then lamb and so on and i also tried salmon but she seems to like that cold
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