chasing baby

Hi im just so fed up of chasing little round every morning,night and whenever i want to change his nappy!he also screams the place down in a total little tantrum till i let him go lol...very strong willed like his mommy!i try distracting him by giving him something to hold and play with,tried dressing him standing up(holding him steady with my knees)but nothing works,anyone else having this nightmare every morning,noon and night!lol:roll:


  • My little bubba is getting a bit rambunctious as well at changing time and I've found the best thing to do is give him a bottle to feed himself while I get on with the smelly end. Have you tried encouraging him to peel back his sticky nappy tabs himself or pull the baby wipes out so it's like a game or is he still a bit young for that?
  • Hes 9mths old so maybe a bit to young but its a good suggestion and i will try....but he just wants to be off lol!
  • My lo is exactly the same. Some days it can take two of us to change his nappie. My oh gets mad at me for changing him while he's standing up as he tells me i'm letting him get his own way. I have found that giving him the pack of baby wipes does help as he will lie still for abit then or on the days when that doesnt work i will give him a bottle of water.
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