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windy baby!

hi all me again!
my baby boy is breastfeeding but he has quite bad wind which he struggles to bring up no matter how much i pat and rub!!! it is keeping him and me awake. i am going to try infacol and my health visitor suggested boiled cooled water does anyone know how much water to give? he is 17 days old. any other suggestions to help!!! i need sleep!!! xxx Hayley xxx


  • Hi Hayley,
    I really feel for you as my lo was the same. Infacol didn't work for us but the water did. My lo only had a few sips and wouldn't take any more than that so don't worry about quantity. Have you tried lying him on his tummy on your lap and rubbing his back gently? Or rocking him back and forth when you have your hand under his chin sitting on your lap? They worked best for me. I just feel i'm forever winding my lo... bless them they must get so fed up with it lol!!
    Mel xx
  • thanks will try the water next time and the rocking etc they must get fed up he is breastfeeding so shouldnt be windy but is! xx
  • Hi Hayley my baby is just the same he is 4 weeks old and very windy which he struggles to bring up then goes red in the face and cries etc. I am using infacol not sure if it helps but darent stop just incase it gets worse. Am also using gripe water when hes bad with it but youre not supposed to use that till 1 month although my hv told me it was ok at 3 wks coz hes a big boy. I think his problem is that he gulps his feed down coz hes greedy LOL. I was worrying he wasnt getting enough milk cos of the wind stopping him feeding but he put on 2lb 2oz in 2 weeks. Guess i was wrong about that.
  • My LO is a typical boy- it all comes out the other end!!! If he's full of wind and uncomfortable, i lie him down to change his nappy before winding him. Worked for all of my babies x
  • Two words Gripe water!

    infacol is good for colicy babes but windy babes are different. personally i have found gripe water fantastic at bringing up burps. xx
  • Yeah gripe water is The Business! Fantastic stuff. I also sit my son on my right knee facing right and let his top half flop over my right arm, i think it puts just enough pressure on his tummy to bring his burp up. Also found laying him flat works sometimes.
    I'm not being funny Hayley but is it definitley wind? I thought my son had it worse than he did but he was actually p!ssed off with all the patting and rubbing! I've since found out he likes to be left to fall asleep afterwards even if only for 10 minutes. I'm sure you know your baby and aren't as daft as me but I made a bit of an issue out of wind which wasn't actually that bad. Hope that helps xx.
  • hi i am just assuming its wind! he growls at me until he burps and he sounds like he is straining to do a poo when i put him in his crib until i pick him up and wind him (which im crap at) he is a grumpy bugger i admit and hates being manhandled and growls at me!
  • did u find out a way to help your baby? im having the same problem with my 5 week old, infacol not helping and in irelandwe dont have gripe water! any help appreciated
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