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I am expecting my first baby this year & just wondered what activities you do with your babies once they start to stay awake for longer & wether you play constantly with them when they are awake.


  • well you cant play with them all the time coz you would never get anyhing done. you can talk to them even if its jibber jabber take them for walks, swimming is a great past time my lo loves the water. buy them a play mat to keep them amused when you cant. there wont be that much time to fill up between feeding, changing, sleeping, dressing and getting yourself sorted for the day. mostly it just comes naturally i think. xxx
  • Sunnymum is right, theres so many lil things 2 do during day that often a 'planned' activity isnt needed. My lo is quite easy going and can listen 2 me singing and babbling quite happily while i hang washing ect.. And is quite independant so gets on with his little missions 4 ages, (like trying 2 eat his big toe ect,.. Ect..) like previous said, it will cum naturaly as u learn what he enjoys x
  • I agree with sunnymum, you do have to try and fit normal jobs inbetween everything else lol!
    I found my los vibrating bouncy chair one of the best things to entertain him when he was really small. When he was a couple of months old we got him the fisher price rainforest play mat which he likes as it is really brightly coloured.

    Mainly he loves us singing silly songs, pulling faces/ making silly noises (especially his daddy!!).

    I would say don't spend a fortune on toys until your lo arrives as different babies like different things. My lo loves to be bounced up and down on our knee so we have decided to get him a door bouncer. Once you get to know your baby you will get more of an idea what toys will keep them entertained. x
  • My baby just loves attention so I end up talking her through everything I do! Like... ooh look at this dirty plate, lets wash it up, Oh and ANOTHER dirty plate and so on! She thinks its hillarious! Strange child! xx
  • Hi,

    my lo is 18 weeks and for the past few weeks we have had fun playing peek-a-boo, we are also trying to teach him to wave bye bye and clap his hands.

    I sang to him for the first time tonight and either he was laughing at e or he enjoyed it. We had baa baa black sheep and twinkle twinkle. As others have said it comes naturally and most babies just love you to do silly things
  • Isn't it weird that what we think is boring or feel silly doing our little bubbas just love it?! Ethan thinks it's hilarious when I roll my eye their sockets or crawl across the floor after him growling like a tiger and he also loves pulling all the clean clothes out of the washing machine which saves me a job. I just need to teach him how to iron it and put it away!! image
  • How it started I don't know but Sam thinks the best thing is when I sing YMCA (with actions)!!!!
  • Being daft and silly is coming naturally to me now. I no longer get embarassed blowing raspberries in public and have quite a range of funny faces under my belt. My lo loves it all and gets really excited. He laughs like mad with his dad and its so funny.
  • hi my lo is 24 weeks and i remember thinking about these things when i was pregnant... but trust me you dont need to! like others have said don't buy too many tors to begin with as things we did buy he wasn't bothered about - for example had a bouncer as friends lo loved theres... he hated it but then we got a swing - he loves it also loves being bounced up and down and always being on feet so got a door bouncer.... also some of the best toys ive got are the cheapest just bright and easy to get hold of and shove in mouth!
    things to do well once youve settled into some kind of routine...you'll figure out certain times of the day there happier so will entertain them selves (not usually for long) i usually have little play on play mat early morning - he sucks on toes etc.... then again after nap has bare bum time and feed etc... then i always go out in the afternoon, friends, shops, walk, swimming - never stay in as i do find my lo loves to be out and about gets very frutrated when at home! then back for feed - hubby baths then bottle sleep........

    so dont worry xxxx
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