Hi everyone Im new on this site so hope im posting this in the right section!

My baby boy Zac, (my first child) is five weeks old on friday and i am trying to get him into a bit of a routine now. So far since birth I have been feeding him every four hours which is really good im told. We are sort of in a routine but it doesnt always work out! The question I have is that I aim to give him his last feed at between 10-11pm at night but if he is not awake do I wake him up???

For example tonight he was last fed at 8pm and really dont want to feed him after 11pm so Im only getting up once in the night (lazy I know!!) - if I wake him up he will have gone 3 hours between his feed - am I doing the right thing or should I just wait until he wakes himself??

He is starting to sleep a bit longer through the night, last night he had his last feed at 11 and slept until 4am so hopefully he might start sleeping through soon - thats what Im hoping anyway!

Look forward to receiving your replies



  • well done on getting a routine going. my lo is feeding roughly evry 2 hours. the other night it was coming up to nearly 5 hours since her last feed. health visitor told me not to wake them in the night for a feed. they will wake when they are hungry.
  • Welcome to the site and congrats!
    maybe you could try dream feeding Zac? are you bottle or breastfeeding?
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