i love britney

Soz i just love britney spears


  • ooo me too, was dead excited about watching her on x factor tonight although every1 else thought i was strange lol
    woop new album out on tues image xxx
  • but i love her. shes my age and done so much. alot of it mad, but still so much
  • Am I the only one?
  • would also love to be in such great shape after having two kids, i dont think ill ever be able to show my legs in public again lol x
  • thanks hannah,tegan and bump. Ive had 3 babies and wish i looked like her x
  • Ahh i watched her tonight just wish she sung live! x
  • Why fly so many hundreds of miles to mime???

    If the X factor contestants can do it why cant Britney? She has performed to way bigger crowds!
  • i was a bit p***d off she dint sing live, im not a major fan but i admire and respect her for being through so much and battling on to keep her head afloat. i think miming has made her look daft again and is bound to be slated in the press for it, again. bless x
  • she should have sung live but she still looks great and i only wish i had the figure she has! x
  • Got to agree i was intrested to see her perform and unthough she did look good i thought it was a shame she mimed!!!did take alot away from her performance and am i the only one who thought she came across abit numb when Dermot asked her questions"i love London and everyone"Bleeeeee lol
  • Lol Benjismummmy, she didn't even answer the question he asked in the first place! Thought she looked fab, though like others, why did she not sing live? It looked silly and disjointed. xxx
  • I think it wasn't a good performance. Same old miming with silly headpiece, same old dancing (done badly), bad hair extensions, outfit did not suit her - sorry!!!!
    I do like her honestly I just think she needs more time to get back to her old self. she still seemed a bit spaced out and not all there.
  • Dermot: Have you got any advice for the X factor contestants?
    Brit: Good luck & just keep doing it!

    THAT was IT!!? what!
  • give hera break we all make mistakes but the difference is everybody knows hers. and not ours
  • she may have all the money in the world, but money isnt everything is it? shes just the same as anyone else when in comes to parenting, except she has everyone judging her and watching her at everything she does, which mustn't be nice. xx
  • Just to say money doesn't bring you a perfect life or happiness, in fact it probably just makes things worse...which is why a lot of famous people who 'have everything' end up insane and have mental breakdowns and even commit suiside.
  • oh yeh it must be so hard having all that mney and not having to worry about paying your mortgage and bills every month! no the ones that should be stressed are us "workers" sorry but i have no sympathy for those in a privaliged life and F*** it up

  • It's because they can have everything and nothing to work for and look forward to! I do feel sorry for them, I couldn't imagine waking up in the morning knowing everything is within my reach and I've achieved everything I have every wanted to achieve. It's the little steps towards each goal that makes life worth living.
  • sorry disagree

  • She's got a documnetary (sp!!) on tonight on Sky One at 9 for all Britney lovers. Shown in US last week not a 'worts and all' thing as her manager made it but might be worth a look. Have to say I find 'Womanizer' goes round and round in my head ALL the time-aggghghhhhh-do like it though!x
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