Angelcare sensor monitor - false alarms

I've been using one of these for about 2 weeks since LO went in her own room. It's gone off twice now and when I have gone up she has rolled (her learning how to do this coincided nicely with me installing the mat!) to the side of the cot. Should I just expect it to be going off every now and again or am I missing something with regards to installation....?



  • I've been using this since we put our LO in the cot at 8 weeks and he is now approaching 7 months. We've never had a false alarm but do know it works, as it sometimes goes off because we haven't turned it off - doh!

    When you installed it, did you adjust the sensitivity? We never did but understand you can and if we used it to hear him, then we probably would have done but we use a BT150 as well, so didn't need to. Also do you have a full piece of plywood under the mattress? We never bothered but it does say you should have one in order for it to work properly and not give false alarms. HTH xx
  • Hi we had a couple of false alarms when we first used it but he is 8 weeks now and we are fine with it.
    I would of thought it would be do with her rolling off it more than it being dodgy x
  • Lol caleb is 8 weeks and we have not had a false alarm yet. I know you adjust the sensitivity but it was my hubby who installed it. However it does go off every night without fail as i pick him up for night feeds without switching it off xxx
  • When we first put LO in her cot a month ago, she learned she had so much room to wriggle around and like you say moved out of the area of the mat and we had a couple of alarms. But then we'd left the sensitivity on setting 1 and so turned it up (tbh not sure what number we're on), and now even if she moves significantly within the cot the pad still senses her. So try checking the back and turn up the sensitivity.
  • I was going to ask the same thing cornetto. We put a very thin piece of hardboard under the matress. The board should be the same size as the matress to ensure that it is totally flat.
  • we changed the sensitivity slightly and put the pad on a bit of board - never had a false alarm since. We also dont have a cot bed so not so much room to roll - best thing we ever accidently did! x
  • The slats were quite uneven so we put it on a leftover slat of laminate flooring. I didn't realise the board had to be the same size as the entire mattress - that must be where we are going wrong. Thanks!

    Another Q - if this happens and you change the sensitiity do you change it up or down? Think it's currently on 3...x
  • Move it up to a higher number
  • due to toby hugging the top end of the cot last night - the alarm went off about 7 times!!!! Going to reposition tonight if not as he is 8 months might disconnect! x
  • That's going to get a bit tiresome isn't it summer?! xxx
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