Teething - any tips?

Hi everyone,

Isabelle has just turned 4 months yesterday and it looks like she has started teething, she is off her food, has got little red cheeks, keeps dribbling and puts anything she can get her hands on in her mouth to chew.

I was just wondering what you all recommended to help ease the discomfort? Are there any certain teethers I should look out for? Does Bonjels work well? Is there anything else I can get that will help? And should I be giving her calpol or nurofen for children at all?



  • hi i use teething granules- either nelson's or boots own. they work very well. i also use bonjela. i tend to just use calpol when others not working and sometimes at night x
  • Hi, i use baby calpol as you said and i rub liquid anbesol on my LO's gums. It has lidocaine in it which is an anaesthetic and will numb the pain xx
  • Hi Mrs AJ. Your lo sounds exactly like mine. Her chin is getting all sore from the dribbling. She's nearly 5 months old. I'll keep my eye on this post for any more advice!
  • I found a pattern with Reuben where he became much worse in the evenings so I gave him 5mls of calpol in the afternoon before he started to get grouchy. The only thing is you obviously can't do this every day.

    I am going to try those powders as an alternative.
  • Think i might try those powders cos i think Matthew has started teething to.

    How do they work? what do u do with them? xxx
  • I use the powders, liquid anbesol, calpol, calprofen and chilled teething rings from the fridge.
    If your LO is weaning/weaned then you can also use chilled carrot/cucumber/celery sticks just watch incase your LO shoves too much into their mouth.

    MummyHeather - the Ashton & Parsons powders are homeopathic. They contain Matricana which, I think, is a natural pain-reliever. I just lie my LO flat and pour the contents of the satchet onto his tongue and the granuals dissolve.
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