Reaction to MMR (also in toddler)

I was wondering if anyone else's LO had experienced a reaction to their MMR jab? My daughter had hers last Tuesday and for most of this week had a temp of between 38.9 and 40.5!! I knew this was a fever caused by the mmr but then she woke up yesterday covered from head to toe in a VERY angry rash, looked exactly like measles. Took her to GP who said it was a reaction and to give her piriton if itchy and calpol to help her deal with the pain, and it would pass in 2-3 days. But this morning it is much angrier and we got a total of about 15 minutes sleep last night!!
I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this? I have been a nanny for many moons and never known a child to get more than a mild fever and 'slight' rash. I am just worried that it might be something else, but because she had her MMR thats what it will be blamed on. If she is no better by tomorrow, will ring NHS direct but just want to make sure I am not over reacting!
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