what to do?

I know some of you lovely ladies have had to deal with the nasty bug thats going round that causes sickness and diarrhea, and i was wondering if i could pick your brains please...?

How long did it last? Ollie started with it monday and is still bad today. We've seen the doc twice with it and they've sent a sample off to make sure its not bacterial gastroenteritis, so we should get those results on monday. But the doc also said it should be pretty much cleared by the weekend, and its not.... in fact its hardly any different except that he can now keep small amounts down sometimes, but sometimes cant keep anything down so its more hit and miss than bringing everything back up....

OH has it as well now too. :\( He rang in sick to work yesterday and has spent the day in severe agony and a state of constant 'alert' to get to the bathroom in time. He's been up all night, and has taken anti diarrhea tablets and painkillers and rehydration treatments but its still pouring out of him and causing him great pain.

I know i can get more stuff for him to take to try and fight it, but did anyone else take anything that worked??

I've been nursing these two for the past 6 days now, and it's probably only a matter of time until i catch it (great with 3 weeks left to go!) and i wish there was something i could do to make sure i can stop myself from catching it. I cant take anything like OH can, and i cant look after Ollie if I have it...

but i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.

Is there anything I'm not doing that any of you did that helped clear it faster? I'm doing 4 loads of washing a day at the moment! :lol:

Hope you're all ok


  • Hi there is nothing you can really do to stop yourself from getting it except the usually wash hands etc but you will prob be doing that.

    But you shouldnt give them anything to stop it as its your bodies way of clearing the bug out and if you give tablets to stop it your just going to bung it up kind off for the bug to continue so its best to let it all come out and just make sure they are having plenty of fluids.

    Poor you i know how you feel about the washing i do 2 a day and mine arent poorly just the joys of having 3 lo's
    I hope they get better soon and you dont catch it
    vikki xx
  • Is there a bug then?
    Would explain why I have been up since 2am with the runs and feeling sick image
    Sorry your brood aren't doing well hon!
  • Sorry to hear your family aren't well. I would say theres probally not alot you can do apart from washing yours hands etc to prevent youself form getting it. Maddi had it 2 weeks ago and it only lasted 2 days with her but Ollie who is 21 months got it and lasted 10 days. Took him to the doctor and he said there wasnt alot he could give him and to just leave him go as the diarreah (sp)was the bodys way of clearing out the infection. Touch wood me and my oh never got it at the time but our neighbours did and they took everything going to help it but nothing worked. I think in the end they were both in bed for 2 days until it cleared.
    Hope they get better soon
    hayley x
  • hey hun, we all had gastroenteritis, Sean had it for 4 days and ended up in hospital on a drip cuz he was blacking out from the dehydration, then JJ got it and he had it for just over a week (took a lot longer to recover but the sickness lasted just over a week), then i got it and had it for 2 days...there's really nothing u can do, with JJ we stopped all solids and gave him 2oz milk every 2 hours even tho he was starving! hope ur all better soon x
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