happy happy happy...the miracle of blackout film!

well what can i say...the last week has seen a huge improvement in my LO's sleeping, he had started to have really disrupted sleep as he was constantly chewing on his scratch mittens and if he couldnt get them in his mouth he would wake himself up through frustration! he had been wearing them as he had a tendancy to grab his face and was covered in scratches! I spent one afternoon cutting and filing his nails so they were nice and short, put him to bed as normal (just with his hands free) at 6.45pm and guess what...he didnt wake up until 7.30am! i woke up in a panic at 6.30am and went to check him and there he was fast asleep with his fingers in his mouth!
so for the last 4 nights he has been sleeping through without a single feed (and all he needed was for me to stop putting the poor child in mittens!)

I also found the most amazing product on the internet called Magic Blackout Blind, its static film that sticks to the glass instead of me having to install a black out blind (we are currently renting a house that has fitted blinds) im sure this has helped my LO sleep through as he was waking earlier and earlier because of the lighter mornings!

My only question is his feeding, as he is now only taking 4 feeds in 24 hours of 6oz which im sure is not enough, i have tried to feed every 3 hours in the day but he is not interested, some days he isnt even finishing his bottles! he is a chunky boy so im not too concerned but wondered if there was anything i should do to get him upping his day feeds?

keeley and rafferty 15 weeks!


  • I would wake him at about 10:30 for a feed. If he is able to send himself to sleep at 6:45 he should ba able to resettle himself at 11ish.

    Black out blinds are amazing aren't they!!! i love mine...I can convince Emilia is time to go to sleep at any time of the day with them!!

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