allergy testing - anyone know what they do?

My little one (9months) had anasty reaction to egg last week - apparantly quite common but a high risk of anaphylactic shock so also quite scary. Got referred immediately for allergy testing to confirm. well got phoned today and offered an appointment for 9am tomorrow and stupidly didn't ask what they will do and obviously can't phone now before the appointment. Just wondered if any other babies have had allergy testing and if so what they did. I know with adults they scratch your skin and rub on whatever it is they are testing (ouch!) and suddenly thought it may be a slightly traumatic experience for LO and me. so just want to be prepared.
THanks much appreciated


  • BUMP !!!!!!!!!
    any help please?
  • hi hun, my lo has had this- they tested for gluten, egg, peanut, wheat and 2 other s which i cant remember atm. they pretty much do the same- scratch the skin then put a droplet onto the skin to see if it reacts. i was really worried about it and my lo didnt even flinch- she was too busy watching the nurse and the nurse was excellent with her! hope it all goes ok. xxx
  • They might do the skin prick test (where they scratch the skin and put the egg protein on it) or they might take blood. I can't imagine it'll be nice for your lo (or you) either way, but I'm sure he'll quickly forget it.

    If they do take blood, once the needle is in please encourage them to fill the bottle(it's only a tiny bottle for babies) - it's not more distressing for the baby if they fill it than if they half fill it. I used to work in a lab doing allergy testing, and unfortunatley it's done on a machine which needs quite a bit of blood - it's horrible saying we can't give a result because there's not enough sample, knowing that a baby has been bled for nothing!

    Hope it goes ok x
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