I really need some help with my weaning routine, My LO was weaned at 18weeks due to reflux. she just has started in 3 meals a day i was loosely following the annabel karmel book but seem to have strayed and lost what im doing. My routine is as follows

6-6.30- bottle oz
7.30- breakfast (porridge, boxed breakfast or fruit)
11-11.30 dinner ( fruit or veg puree and a yogurt) followed by a bottle (takes 3-5oz)
3.30-4 tea fruit or veg puree and half a dessert eg heniz
6-6.30 bottle bath bed (8oz)

she doesnt have a sleeping routine generally half a hr 8.30 ish then sometime at noon which is why i couldnt split the bottle and dinner and then should sleep after tea but rarelydoes and trys to sleep at 5.30 ish then screams til nighttime bottle.

How can i manage my routine?

do i need to be stricter on naps she normally rubs her eyes etc and screams herself to sleep in the day night time generally very good used to sleep 7-7 now 6.30-6 ish

What foods should i be introducing now?

please help me


  • If it was me, and feel free to ignore obviously, I'd give her a bottle around 10.30 and pop her down for a nap.

    Try and stretch out lunch until 12, maybe adding a bit of creamed potato if you want to add a bit of weight to the puree. If she didn't have a nap at 10.30 pop her down now.

    tea and bottle are the same as my LO.

    Not sure teh age of you LO and so what you are thinking of adding to meals. If she's moving onto textured foods I found the baby pasta shapes very good with some passata and cheese, mashed potato or a jacket potato with the middle scooped out with baby gravy she likes.

    I do little sandwiches, strips of muffins or crumpets for her to feed herself, and she likes rice cakes. I feed her the sandwiches though.

    I add cheese to a lot of her meals which she likes - who doesn't!

    Puddings are yoghurt, fromage frais, jelly or the jar puddings.

    I know it is suggested you don't give milk and food together. Regarding naps I play it free and easy with my LO but she goes down as soon as she starts to rub her eyes, and she'll often have 3 naps a day. When these are though changes daily.

    Hope that has been some help x
  • shes 6 months but we areon hol for 2 weeks so im sorting getting ready to up her to stage 2 just don't know where to start. Thank you for your suggestion. I was going to try and drop the middle bottle compelty and offer to 9 oz but my dr browns only hold 8. I may try your suggestion, the only thing i found is that if i gave her the bottle she refused her dinner. shes a difficult feeder with the botle anyway coz of the reflux. Thanks you for your reply. xx
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