Extreme measure to spend more time with lo (also in BIN09)

So i was due to go back to work yesterday after 7 months of materntiy leave.
Officially my leave finished on the 31st May and i resumed work on the 1st of June. However, as a teacher this happened to be half term so i actually had another week.
I was going back full time and my mum was flying over from Australia to look after lo for the 6 weeks before summer.
What do i go and do?......Fall over in a carpark and break my leg.......thats what.
I was taken to A&E and they had to operate the next day to put a plate and screws in to pull all the bits of bone back together again. I then spent the next 4 days in hospital on strong painkillers in toe to thigh plaster, learning how to walk on crutches and get upstairs on my bum.......

Extreme measures! I can't put weight on my leg for 6 weeks. Can you imagine the phone call to my headteacher."um you know how i'm supposed to be back on Monday? Well i won't be"

I came home yesterday to my relief because i have so hated being away from Aimee. She could only come and visit twice due to worries of her catching something on the ward. Thankfully they put me in a room of my own so we could do that.

It has meant the end of my bresatfeeding her too. She was only on 2 feeds from me a day due to me going back to work...but i was hoping to continue those for as long as possible. However without adequate pain relief i was not going to be able to leave the hospital...so i had to make the decision to have pain relief that doesn't work with bf. So there i am in hospital using breast pump to relieve the milk.

So i get to spend more time with my baby. I will see her crawling...she is soooo close now....she moves backwards very quickly and is working out the forwards thing. I have seen her first 2 teeth come through too. Obviously i can't play with her as well as i would like and she is very curious about my leg...especially my toes sticking out of the cast. It breaks my heart when she cries and i can't go to her. She thinks its hilarious being brought into mummy in bed.

Mum is here to do all the day to day stuff and my hubby has been fantastic....it has really made him aware of everything i was doing as he had to do it all for 2 days before my mum got here. Last night he had a nightmare that he couldn't find her and was worried my mum wouldn't get up to her in the night. He used to sleep through every sound she made and now he can hear her through the wall with no monitor.

So ladies...its one way to get more time with baba....i wouldn't recommend it though. The pain i have been in was way worse than labour....with nothing precious at the end of it.



  • Oh dear, I'm sorry but I couldn't help but have a little chuckle, wicked sense of humour, sorry! At least you are able to look at it in a positive light.

    I do hope you enjoy being at home a little longer and the leg doesn't cause you too much pain xx
  • There is always a sliver lining....
  • I have to say, that is rather an extreme measure! I can totally sympathise though, as I broke my leg in 3 places not long after getting married-the pain was unbelievable!!

    I think it certainly helped that I'd had that experience when I went into labour though, as the pain from my leg was definitely worse! Glad hubby & your mum are there to look after you, hope you're up & about soon xx
  • Oh no!!! But as you say, it is bonus time with bubba!!

  • wow extreme measures. although the thought of going back to school for me is depressing too. hmm...
  • Oh bless you, that is definately extreme measures. I can sympathise with the pain, i got my leg dragged through a machine 2 years ago resulting in a broken ankle and a skin graft, it prepared me for labour!. Ouch. I wouldnt recommend to others trying to get more time with there Lo's though!!! Get well soon hun and let everyone spoil you lots image
  • aw chick i had a wee chuckle too!!! lol lol
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