Yay first tooth but advice needed please!

Hi Ladies,

Some advice needed from those of you with slightly older babies who've been through this teething thing!!

My little girl is 7 1/2 months old and got her first tooth through a few days ago. about 3 days before the tooth arrived (BH weekend) she spiked a very high temp (40 deg.) and out of hours service said it was probably due to her teeth. Calprofen helped to calm things down, but then after restless nights and some grumpy days her tooth arrived. I now think that a second is on its way as there is another bump next to the first on her bottom gum and she has had really runny nappies since yesterday morning.

Is it normal for teething to affect them in this way? I've been giving her Ashton and Parson's powders to help try to settle her stomach, as she had also been sleeping badly. Last night though she woke crying at about 10pm and seemed in pain, I went in to give her a dream feed, and during that she had several huge pumps, and then a really runny nappy, after which she seemed much more comfortable and slept through for the first time in about 10 days!

Oh this baby thing is so confusing first time around! and I'm still worrying unduly about her after her tumble off the bed! Sorry for the essay! Thanks for any advice.



  • My lo had the runny nappies for three days before her first tooth came through and her temperature went up the day before. She was a right grump bucket and is heading that way again at the moment as her second tooth is in the process of coming through.
    I also use Ashton & Parsons, but when it gets really bad, only Calprofen helps. I'm also a first time mum and i know how you feel, its all such a mystery and you worry all the time image
  • sorry to say this but yes it does sound like teething.

    your lucky were now on third tooth at just turned 7 months and its the big top front one now thats causing him so much pain and being a total bastard.

    sorry no advise apart from cuddles and cold carrot sticks.
  • Teething affects each baby differently and unlucky for your lo seems to be suffering pretty bad. My lo is 7 months and had his first tooth at 15 weeks, the first two he got was a bugger, hes got one coming through now on top and has been fine really. You may find some of their teeth affect them more then others
  • I posted on here a few days ago as Shayla was sent home from nursery with a temp of 40 degs i was sooooo worried! Drs told me this was most likely due to teething as they become unwell with upset tummies too. Shayla has been on and off like this for a week now and her nappys have been VERY runny and i've been having to do lots of extra washing (lets just stop there lol!!)

    It is totally normal anyway, Shayla didnt have any teeth until she was 8 months old and now she is 10 months and has 7! They just keep popping up all over the show at the moment and yes, we have been suffering in the sleep dept too! Its not nice but all i have been doing is just keep checking her temp and giving her calpol to help a bit if she gets too hot.
    Sounds like ur doing a great job of getting through this horrible stage anyway hun,
    Take care
    Hannah xx
  • congrats to your LO on her first peg! evie's tooth came through too the other day, but i was away at the time and OH didnt even notice it while i was gone, and didnt mention any runny poo's or temp... so sorry to not be of much help!
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