Baby Gravy - ?

Hey Girls!

Right I'm cooking up a huge pot of wholesome stew - i've not put they gravy/sauce in yet, was going to do it at the very end and take some and puree some portions for Charlie before I added adult Gravy.. Well I think I might have one of those little baby gravy's but I want to make up a batch - so it won't be enough :\?. I'm not very confident making my own stuff because he usually gags on it! :lol: charming after all that effort! but after speaking to a friend today (Thanks Karen ;\) ) I think it's just that I am NOT blitzing it enough so it's too think/lumpy.. anyways enought with the waffel.. :lol: does anyone know how to make BABY gravy from sratch? or something simular I could use to make it more liquidy!

Ta Gorgeous Lady's! x


  • I just use normal gravy (tut) in Gabe's food, baby gravy is so expensive and as long as its not very often I think it's fine if theres not much gravy and its not too thick etc - there wasnt such thing as baby gravy when we were little so I think Gabe will be OK!

    ANYWAY...with homemade food. I do find sometimes it comes out really thick. Gabe eats mashed food now but when he didn't I used to add a bit of whole milk which makes it thinner, and blitz it more - or water. Just thins it out a bit and makes it more manageable!
  • Sorry had to laugh, cos baby gravy means something kinda rude here!! :lol:

    I just used normal gravy for my girls but watered it down a lot more. Think you can buy low salt stock cubes though.

    I wouldn't have the first idea how to make it from scratch!!

  • :lol: normal it is then! as I dont have any juice from meat as its all in the pot! lol thanks girls! x
  • I do too I just use normal gravy... it doesn't happen often and if you are eating gravy it has to be the good stuff right image?

  • i buy the low salt bisto and use a little of that but if im doing a casserole or soup i use kallo veg stock cubes-low salt as they are very low and alot better for lo's.Hope he likes his stew xxxx
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