Nursing chair recommendations please!

Hi everyone,

Our first baby is due in a few weeks time and I would like to get a nursing chair, could anyone recommend one/share their experiences of ones they have used please?

I have been looking at the glider chairs as they seem very popular, has anyone used one?

Thanks very much for your help.

Lucy x


  • hi i have one and have never used it. i brought it frpom the car boot sale, its a daultier (sp?) glider chair for ??5! the women i got it from said she nly used it twice herself. so in my opinion they are not worht the money unless you know you will definatly use it.
    for me-it was just to cold to be walking into nursery to sit in a chair in middle of the night to do a night feed-i just sat in my bed and feed her and now she doesnt feed in the night so i am taking it back to the carboot to sell on or give away! lol
    on the other hand-very comfy- when i sat in it at carboot,lol but is currently a place i store nappies on!
  • Thanks wannababy, that's helpful... maybe I'll put off getting one and see how things go. I'm planning on having her in with us for quite a while so I expect I'll be using our bed most of the time and the sofa downstairs!
  • We have the same one as wannababy. We got it from John Lewis and it was quite expensive (but a gift from the inlaws which was nice!) However as Wannababy said again, when LO was feeding a lot in the night, he was in with us, so didn't really use it!!! However we use a lot more now as give him his bedtime feed in it ,and if he wakes in the night, its lovely and cosy to cuddle up in and rock.

    However as a cheaper option, quite a few of my friends have the Ikea Poang chair as an alternative, doesn't rock but kind of bounces!!

    Good luck and I hope this has helped and not rambled too much!!


  • We never bothered getting a nursing chair, but we did move a comfortable chair that we already had into the nursery. It's great when we do her feed before bed, and her dream feed, but in the early days when she was in with us, we'd feed her in bed, or on the sofa. IMO, you could buy a chair that's just as comfortable (and cheaper!) but not necessarily a nursing chair xx
  • Hiya Lucy,

    I started off like the others, just sat on my bed to feed LO but found it hurt my back so my nursing chair was a godsend. Plus it disturbed hubby. The one i got was a Baby Weavers one from Kiddicare.

    Shell xx
  • Thanks everyone for your replies.

    Shell these are the ones I've been looking at, is it comfortable? (I guess so being as it's a godsend!) And does the reclining action work well? I sometimes wonder with these gliding action chairs whether they will break easily!


    Lucy xx
  • We didn't get one and just bought a pretty armchair from Ikea. As it happens, I have never fed her in there yet (6 weeks) nd can't see it getting much use. BUT it looks lovely and will be okay to keep in there as she gets older x
  • I got a Dutalier chair from kiddicare and for the first 10 weeks I really thought 'what was the point of that?' Hugo was in our room until 10 weeks so when he woke during the night I fed him in my bed and put him straight back in his basket. But he went in to his own room at 10 weeks so I did all the night feeds in there and I would honestly have been lost without it.

    It's a god send for when he's ill and I end up holding him all night long and it means my husband isn't disturbed for his long day of work ahead.

    I can't remember the name of the one we got but it was around ??350 (pressie from my father in law!). Hugo still isn't sleeping through at 6 months so I have definitely got his money's worth out of the chair!!

    Peeptoe and Hugo
  • I have the BW one above. I actually didn't like it for nursing. It was too narrow and I was always worried about hitting LO's head. I used to just bf her in bed or even on a normal chair in the nursery. I didn't actually use the chair at all really until we moved to ff at 23 weeks. But now I love it! We sit on it and look at books in the evening and we have lovely cuddles before bed.

    I wish I'd got one with a brake on though as now she is crawling she is always trying to pull herself up on it.

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