Child cycle seat ?

Does anyone have a seat for their bike for the lo? Im thinking of getting one but a bit torn cause not sure if I would use it that much and also if its all that safe... My lo is 16 months and I know he would love it but Im worried about the balance and if its difficult to cycle with a baby on the back. So does anyopne have one and if so what are they like?


Emma x


  • I had one for my first son and he loved it! Was similar age to your little one, only stopped using it as he eventually got too heavy for it.

    Once my little one is big enough he will have one too! Just remember you get what you pay for, some of the chaeper ones aren't as stable as the slightly more expensive ones.
  • My dd1 had one and we will def get one for this lo too. It was on my hubby's bike though as he is much more confident cyclist than me. He said it did take a little getting used to as the weight does affect your balance but lo loved it and got very excited everytime she went on. My hubby said though this time we will get one with a bar across the front of the seat so lo has something to hold on to rather than just the armrests.
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