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Eye Discharge in 3 week old


My three week old baby has had quite a runny eye for a while, almost since he was born.
But for the past day it has got much worse, with the discharge being yellow and so gunky that after he has had a sleep his eye will be stuck together and unable to open. It is almost constantly running.

I have been reading up and it sounds like it could be a blocked tear duct but it also sounds like an explantion of conjunctivitus.

We have started washing it with cool boiled salty water as suggested by the mother in law.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what they did to sort it.
Thanks in advance =].


  • With little babies you are better getting them checked out as their eyes are delicate and can be affected by infections or bacteria like conjunctivitus. My LO has had it twice now and they just give you eye drops or cream to put in their eyes. I would def get to a doctor.
  • Get it checked by the doc,
    Do you breastfeed? If so express some milk, damp a flannel with the EBM and gently rub it on his eye
  • get to your dr's hun and get it checked out. My lo started with this at 2 weeks old and his eye swelled up like he'd been in a fight with mike tyson and had to spend 2nights in hospital having anti bitotics in one of those needle things in your hand x x
  • Hi
    Our lo had this which the doctor referred to as 'sticky eye'. Its something to do with babies not being able to produce tears in the early weeks. The eye would be stuck together with a yellow green stuff.
    If the eye itself looks at all sore, or your lo seems uncomfortable I call to the docs won't harm
  • i wud suggest dat if u breastfeed ur baby, drop some drops of ur breast milk in ur baby's eyes, i hope it will work... it worked wen i tried in my baby's eye wen she was 2 weeks old.. so go ahead, mother's milk has got ability to cure so many diseases.. this is one of those diseases or  infection u can say... best of luck image


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