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Saying hello and introducing my beautiful girl

Hi ladies

Just a quick hello, a little earlier than expected - our baby girl was due 13th January but my waters broke at 36+2 and she arrived at 36+5 on Monday 21st December at 16.38 weighing 4lb 11oz. Just in time for Christmas! image

Some of you may know our story and after a long hard road to get here I can't believe we have our beautiful daughter in our arms. She is absolutely perfect!

I look forwrad to chatting and getting to know everyone (and probably asking a million and one questions!) :\)

Here is our daughter Olyvia Hallie....

A couple of hours old:

5 Days old:



  • Many congratulations! What a beautiful little girl! The 21st is a great day to be's my eldest sons birthday too! image i hope you had a wonderful 1st Christmas with your gorgeous daughter x
  • Ah, congratulations NN!

    I've read some of your posts so know it wasn't an easy journey for you - I don't need to say this, I'm sure, but enjoy every second! And Merry Christmas too!

    C xx
  • Congratulations on the birth of your truly gorgeous little girl. What beautiful pictures x

  • Congratulations on the birth of your truly gorgeous little girl. What beautiful pictures x

  • Congratulations on your gorgeous daughter, and a warm welcome to Baby! Did you get to bring her home in time for Christmas Day?

    Hannah xx
  • She's lovely!! Congratulations on your gorgeous girl. Beautiful name btw. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas x x
  • I have been following ur story and OMG I am so happy your bubba is here safe and sound!!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE Congratulations!!! She is adorable!!! X
  • Hi hunni, big congratulations that your little girl is here safe & well xxxx
  • Awww congrats hunni, so glad your little girl arrived safe, she's gorgeous xx
  • I have followed your story and just wanted to say a huge congratulations to you and hubby on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl! xx
  • Congrats She's gorgeous! image
  • huge congratulations xxx
  • Oh hun!!!!! Im so happy for you, told you it would be ok, enjoy being a mummy at last xxxx
  • Congratulations and what a fab xmas pressie!!! I've also followed your story and so glad you've finally got your little one in your arms!! xx
  • Congrats NN! xxx
  • Yippeeeee!! Welcome to Baby! And congratulations - she's wonderful xx
  • NN I am so happy for you. Knowing the journey you have taken to get here. She is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations again.

    Sharlouise & Erin
  • Oh Nat,
    she is absolutely beautiful! I am only peeping in on this forum and I saw your post. I couldn't be more pleased for you, I know it has been a tough journey, but it makes it all the more special now you have your gorgeous daughter.

    Enjoy every single moment with her, I have been thinking about you, even though I hadn't been in touch, I have been following your pregnancy and I am so pleased it's all worked out for you

    Huge congratulations
    Welsh xx
  • Congratulations! Beautiful little girl and a lovely name. Well done mummy!
  • congrats hunny i remember your story and you must be over the moon now you have your little girl image
    claire and lola-mae xx
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