can you use a sleeping bag in a moses basket?

hello ladies

we have bought a moses basket for baby and sleeping bags that say from birth as long as baby is over 7lbs, however i dont see how they work with the moses basket as there would be too much material as baby isnt going to be as long as the bag and the bag is actually longer then the basket, so do you leave a bit hanging over ( looks a bit risky to me) i have read not to tuck the extra material under baby so what do you do? are sleeping bags only designed to be used in cots? if so what do you use in basket, swadeling blankets?

and... when baby is big enough to sleep in the cot/we are happy i understand the foot to bottom of cot rule applies but going back to the sleeping bags, dose that mean the bottom of the bag touches the cot end rather then babies feet? im getting all confused by the length of these bag things!

sorry if that sounds silly, its probably really simple but im still confused!

thank you xx



  • Yes no problem, for the moses basket, we just tucked the extra material underneath. As for the cot, we place him in with the bottom of the bag touching the bottom of the cot. xx
  • i think the whole placing the baby at the bottom is to stop them wriggling under the blanket but with the gro bag if they fit well they shoulnt be able to wriggle under it so im just placing her in the middle!!!
  • sorry just realised I hadnt actually answered the question!!! I put baby in moses basket in her gro bag hanging over the end but then moved her into her cot as I thought she looked silly!!!
  • thanks for the replies, i think the sleeping bag hanging over the edge will be the best way forward, im just a bit worried it might flip back over! will see how it gose i guess! xxx
  • I put my little man in a grobag at 4 days because he hated being swaddled. I just put the extra fabric over the edge, there wasn't enough to get near his face if it flopped over so I wasn't worried about that.
  • I used blankets in the moses basket as it was just easier - but she only lasted 5 weeks in it anyway and so after that she was into sleeping bags in her cot - and I just placed her in the middle as there is no risk of her slipping under covers as the bag fit so well xx
  • We used Grobags in the Moses Basket - like others, we just flopped the extra material over the end x
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