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Cow and gate good night milk

Hi all, Summer is 8 months old and this morning i received through the post a ??1 off voucher for Cow and Gate good night milk. Summer is on SMA Progress at the mo and seems to get on ok with it. Just wondering if anyone has used this milk and would recommend it?


  • i got the voucher aswell, ive tryed the milk but millie doesnt like it, its alot thicker then the normal cow and gate milk,

  • Me to, i was wandering whether to use it aswell as macey is on farleys and has problems with toilet so i didnt want to upset her tummy by changing the milk but didnt know whether 1 bottle a night would change anything? Saying that what is night time milk ment to help for as she has no problem sleeping all night anyways? x
  • I've got the voucher too, but wont be using it as Ruby is happy on the milk she's on. So if anyone uses this milk and would like my voucher let me know and i could post it too you chris[email protected]

  • my son wasnt fussed on it, and i found it didint make any difference to his usual milk.. just another gimmick to make money i think!
  • I have a 8month son David and hes been on Hipp good night milk for past 2-3 months and hes been brilliant on it because i think it fills him up for the night but today i went into asda and found that they have changed the Hipp milk and they didnt have the goodnight milk. So bit stuck now not sure what other milk is as thick and creamy to change to, any ideas?? would be v.gratefullxxx

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