over-eating and ebf

hello! i have 2 weeks left of ebf and am a little concerned over my eating habits. i am back to my pre-pregnancy size (8-10) but am eating far too much! i know this. the food cupbord knows this. tesco knows this.

anyhoo, at what point for those people who ebf for 6 months, did breastfeeding alone stop working for keeping the weight off? it's not appetite related, as i really was not hungry when i opened the packet of wotsits... or the kitkat crunchy... yet the apple doesnt have the same appeal. :lol:

did people who ebf find they put weight on after weaning started? i dont intend to stop breastfeeding any time soon btw,


  • As soon as I stopped bfing I started to put weight on, lo was 15 months and up until then I'd been able to eat anything and everything without gaining at all. I'm now having to watch what I eat, I'm half a stone heavier than pre-pregnancy but Im not trying to loose it as I like my current size, I just don't want to gain any more x
  • I started having to watch what I ate as soon as Peter dropped a feed at about 7 months and it all went downhill from there, I'm afraid! I am now excercising 2/3 times a week at the gym and going for as many walks as I can but I'm also cutting down on all the snacks I started eating regularly when breastfeeding. Very dull, but it does mean that my weight has stabilised at something I can live with (I'd love to lose another stone but it doesn't seem to be happening) and I am getting fitter in terms of wind and strength.
  • I didn't find ebf kept the weight off to start with :\( Maddie is a similar age to your DD and now she's on solids having only about 5 short bfs a day (+ one zillion at night, but that's another story) I've no longer got an excuse to eat what I like when I like. Currently working hard to lose 18lbs and get back to my pre-baby weight of 8st10lbs.
  • I'm interested to know this too! I am smaller than i was pre-pregnancy and i have been eating so much it is unreal! And it is all junk food! I have even been baking to 'feed' my habit :lol:

    Since weaning, my dd has dropped 2 feeds and is now down to 3 feeds a day. I haven't noticed any weight gain yet but i am really dreading piling it all on. I imagine that when i go back to work in November i may cut down on what i am eating as i won't be in the house all day.

  • ok. i didnt like any of those replies!!! guess its back to the davina dvd afterall image
  • I'll be joining you with that davina dvd. Have just about lost baby weight but as I keep stuffing my face I'm not losing anymore. Just have to stop eating cake and drinking so many lattes. Hoping that taking more blw approach means healthier meals....
  • thats what i thought. its more of i'll eat what baby eats, rather than the other way around. cant wean with matchmakers!!!
  • I could eat anything when I was ebf, and the weight fell off me, but now its a different story. Plus, I find I'm finishing Sam's meals for him, which doesn't help, even if it's healthy food, and also we have started baking together - and then I clearly have to eat the baked goods!

    Just this week I have decided enough is enough - I don't like my figure and I want to go back to how I looked before pregnancy, but having just finished a cupcake (before dinner!) clearly my motivation isn't great...

    Good luck with weaning. xx

  • Although I only pump rather than BF, I feel I can add my twopenneth! Now that I'm only expressing twice a day, the weight is starting to creep back on. I lost all of my pregnancy weight and a bit more within about 4 weeks of giving birth. But now I've put half a stone on since I've only been down to twice a day and I'm dreading cutting out all together. I never had to eat more during pregnancy so got quite a shock when I had a huge appetite after the birth. I am trying to cut it down now but it's so hard, it's like my body is used to it.

    Really do need to do some exercise though xx
  • Oh god, I'm relying on bf to get some of this weight off! Lost a fair bit already, but I do like a bit of chocolate now and then....it's for Ben of course!!
  • is that ben and jerry? image
  • ooh good post Calleigh, I've been thinking about this as I'm eating tonnes and am still loosing weight!!I think I'm thinner now that I was before I got pregnant!! I'm dreading stopping b/f, which I'm unfortunately going to begin to phase out after 6 months as I keep getting mastitis and can't really still be feeding when I go back to work as a result, and I'm reluctant to pump after getting mastitis after pumping. I will miss the chocolate buttons, and the toast, and the cheese, and.....
  • It's always the words that begin with 'c' or 'ch' that are the bad things to eat....chips, chocolate, cheese, curry, coke, crisps......but they are the best too!
  • Bf has done naff all for me!!!
  • Bf has done naff all for me!!!
  • ps I tend to have the apple, the banana and the wotsits, not sure what's worse!!
  • kitkat crunchies, monster munch, danish pastries, rolos!!!!
  • Right that's it! I am upping the breastfeeds and feeding until dd is 5! :lol: :P x
  • i am hoping to bf until i have my next as i'll miss having boobies!!!
  • Now I'm just hungry and I want full fat coke and chocolate.
    My weakness at the minute is vanilla lattes from starbucks. Oh the irony of ordering a skinny latte with sugar free syrup, and a big fat slice of cake on the side!
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