Please stop!

I've just tried to take the car to be fixed this morning and been humiliated at the garage so am a little short on patience and I just have to say one thing...

Stop it with all the name changes!!!!!

If your friend/family/enemy/santa knew your previous name they can just google it and your posts will still come up! Google hold the memory for months!
Try it - google your user, if it comes up it will come up for months, if it doesnt come up then it prob never will/have...

I'm sure it takes more than just a username for people to recognise you -writing style and the such will also come into it, plus if youve got a pic of lo, ever named lo, the forums youve posted in etc.. if someone really wanted to find you they can regardless of your user name!! This is a public forum afterall!

All changing it does is confuse people like me who dont care what you're called, and havent got the patience to work out who you were previously.

Sorry if you dont like what Im saying, I'm pretty sure some people wont. I know you're all nice ladies just worried about yours and lo's safety and changing your name wont stop me trying to give help when i can but i wont know who you are!

But there you go... I'm now stood against the wall ready for the firing squad.

(and no i'm not telling what happened at the garage, but it had me in tears.)


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  • tbh I thought the same thing I just posted on another thread that someone I know is on here (not this particular forum) and the only reason I know is because they posted piccys of themselves and I came across them the username was completly random but it was still glaringly obvious it was someone I know. It is a public forum and people can read anything you have to say you dont even need to be a member.
    You sound very stressed though hope your day gets better!!
  • I'm not sure it does hun as changing your name changes your name on ALL your previous posts (creating a new account is a diff matter tho, I'm not sure which you meant). I've just googled **Tiger Lily** and nothing comes up of what I've written, cos I haven't created a new user account - just changed my name.

    I do feel a bit responsible for the flood of name changes but what I wanted to do was just ensure people were extra-cautious, about having names like Mrs_____ for example, or their actual first name, particularly if they use BE as a rant. Also to be cautious of posting pics of their kids, and ranting about people who may be able to track them down.

    Mil is computer illiterate as is fil so I'll continue to have the odd rant there lol.

    After what happened to me I can understand why people are being careful tbh.

    I'm not offended by your post tho hun, sorry u had a shit time at the garage!!

  • Your taking it too seriously! Its just a forum name! Calm down,tell everyone what happened & you will fee better
  • Eek sounds like you've had a bit of a morning.

    I'd just like to clarify (mainly because i don't want anyone to feel guilty about creating a flood of name changes) that I changed my name for a completely different reason. I have never written anything personal so i'm not worried about that, i simply changed it because when i joined this site i did so in a hurry and subsequently chose a crap name!

  • Ah honey, you're not wrong and you shouldn't be put up for firing squad at all.

    TL i understand why you have, having read the attack on you on the other forum but it does seem to have started a panic and as Stephe says it is still easy to find people if you want to.

    Perhaps instead of changing our names we should err on the side of caution and not post anything we wouldn't want read. As i know many of you in the real world, and I know many others are friends outside the forum too, this place can seem like a haven, but it is a public forum and can be viewed by *anyone*.

    I know I've changed my name in the past few months but only because I didn't find myself to be particularly outrageous so it seemed a silly name to have. My name is actually more recognisable now and I have no intentions to change it again as I'm not ashamed of any of my posts and have no cares as to who reads them.

    Perhaps I'm now going to face the firing squad too. Eeek!!
  • Totally agree with Jemma as well. Just be careful what we write from now on girls.

    Lesson learned here!
  • I am not comenting on the name changes - apart from to say that I can't keep up either.

    Sounds like you're having a bad day hunny. so big hugs - and hope you feel better soon. I know you have had a tough few weeks with Ollie, Missy, the neighbours, garage doors falling on your Dh - the list goes on. But we are all here for you, and we still love you!


    Also - Abby sends dribbly kisses.
  • hi steph, i can't keep up either so no longer know who everyone is. Sounds like you need to sit down with a big cup of tea (bit early for a glass of wine), really sorry you had such a bad time at the garage and hope you feel better soon, if you need to talk you know where we are
  • Oh Steph, hope you feel better! Want us to get the nasty men at the garage?!


  • Charliemum I would love for you to get the nasty men at the garage, but unfortunately they were women. :cry: Horrible, horrible women who had me in tears in front of MJ, and their repair men. And then she threw up all over the reception and i had no change bag with me. image :cry:
    YMGM I can understand why you changed your name, and i can understand why other people are changing their names too, its just, just, I dunno, got to me this morning.

    I just remember the last time names were changed and about 10 people did it and I got all confused, and have only really got to grips with them. I still find myself asking "was that such and such who had this or that, or was it suchabody who did this?" I am v easily confused :\(

  • poo to the nasty woman but YAY MJ for puking there then!!! :lol:

    I too am easily confused!
  • I thought about changing my name as this is my nickname from family and friends and with a boys name like Shea, there's not many Claire and Shea's around......

    ......but for you mummysteph I will stay as Claire a belle and if anyone I know reads stuff they don't like then bloody tough!!!!

    What on earth did the nasty women at the garage do to make you so upset?? Can you complain??
  • Shame MJ's aim wasn't a little better and she wasn't sick ON the nasty cows!!

    I am also muchos confused by all the name changes and quite regularly have no idea who anyone is!! I can just about cope with people who have been on here AGESSS changing their names as I normally know their real names and things as well, but everyone else, sorry I'm just confussed :lol:

    Big hugs hun, will your car be sorted soon?
  • HAHAHA Bedhead that's what I thought. MJ should have been sick all over the nasty ladies!

    I would complain about them esp if it was a car dealership. Complain to the Service Manager or the manager of the branch. Whatever they did, it's shocking that they reduced you to tears and humilated you like that

  • Am feeling better and more calm now. OH has rung them and told them they were out of order and he is going to sort it all out on his day off on friday. He also brought chocolate eclairs and banoffee pie home at lunchtime! image He knows the sales manager (also the son of the owner) quite well so is going to have a word with him as well on friday.

    I felt so much more awful when MJ threw up as I knew she was feeling dodgy (has a horrendous cough and it keeps choking her) and I'd forgotten her change bag, and only had a little towel Id thrown over her for a bit of protection for the car... it didnt hit the repairs man or the recpetionists, but it went all over the carpet and a chair. :\( That just made them worse, and there was a comment about I shouldnt even be anywhere near anyone with a sick baby infecting everyone. (possibly some truth behind that but the car had been booked in for ages and i didnt know she was going to be sick, and there was no-one else in the office except us!)

    Hopefully when Oh goes down there on Fri we should then get the car back the same day whereas today it was going to be a two day job... it's only bloody 2 years old! Its breaks have gone (ABS system), its electric windows have gone and the central locking is playing up meaning we cant get out of it sometimes.... it was serviced in may and started playing up in June, and has been booked in since then, this was the first time they had a courtesy car available for 2 days... :cry:

  • hope your feeling better hun and enjoy the treats your dh brought for you (have an eclair for me as on stupid diet). And i'm sorry but how did they know there isn't a medical reasson mj was sick, pippa's reflux is playing up at the mo and she can be sick anywhere at anytime. Hope your dh gives them a really good telling off and that you get your car sorted soon
    Hope mj's feeling better too
  • Oooooh if I was your OH when I go in next to have a Rant at them i'd ensure i'd walked through lots of dog poo beforehand and traipse it alllllll over their carpet by their desks and make sure I walked up and down lots! hehe

    Then you can smile sweetly, take your car and leave (make sure you take shoes off before you get in your own car!) and then those horrid women have to sit there all day with the smell! Sounds like they deserve it!

    Don't stress over MJ being sick, she's a baby, things happen! They have cleaners to sort things like that out, so their problem not yours x
  • No way should you have to sit in your house all day just cos MJ has a bit of a cold! OMG! If they are so paranoid about getting germs then maybe they are the ones that shouldn't leave the house - not you and Missy! Grrrrrr!
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