Period returned but bf?

I've been caught out!! My period has started today, I didn't think they returned if you're bf?

Is this normal?


  • yes this normal. Most people dont but some do. My daughter is 9 mths, I have only had 1nth without a period since her birth and Im bf. I did read on here that someone said it means your more fertile.Although I'm not sure how much truth is in that! xxx
  • I've also heard that were as fertile now as you are when you initially come off the pill!! I was pregnant within 2 months of stopping it

    Eeeeeeek LOL
  • yup, i had the first after birth bleed, then a funny one then they went back to normal after that, bang on the day every month.
    Not so sure it means youre more fertile though as we started ttc when Ollie was 4 months old and it took us 11 months..... image

  • Hiya.

    Some breastfeeding mothers resume their menstrual cycle sooner than 11 weeks and others after 24 months or more. It's all related to hormones and the differences in mothers and babies' breastfeeding styles. Usually, an earlier return of periods is linked to one or more of the following: your baby sleeping though the night, starting your baby on solid foods, weaning your baby off the breast, introducing a bottle and/or dummy, and changes in frequency and duration of nursing.

    A later return of periods can be linked to: frequent breastfeeding around the clock, late introduction of solids, all of your baby's sucking needs being satisfied at the breast, sleeping with your baby, and wearing your baby close to your body in a sling.

    Whether or not your periods return also depends on how your body reacts to breastfeeding hormones so, for example, you could still be breastfeeding around the clock, but start your periods again.

    HTH image

  • I bf and have had two what i would call periods but hv told me no it couldnt be so i have no clue really but didnt want to r&r xxxx
  • I breastfed for a year and had first period when he was 7 months. Had one every other month until I stopped. They still were'nt regular and I'm now 7+4 with no2. I've got pregnant both times within 3 weeks of coming off the pill, so not sure the fertile thing can always be correct!
  • well lol my lo is one year old and has never tasted formula-she was exlusively breastfed for the first 6 months and breastfed and weaned from 6 months onwards.Nowdays she eats everything but all her milk still comes from me- and Ive been having periods from my 6 week check up bang on every 28 days throughout the entire time.It is just madness,isnt it?
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