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How do YOU use colief?

I know what the instructions say, but how many of us can leave a bottle for half an hour before giving to lo?! So wondered what you girls do? Apparently my friend used to put the drops in warm water, put bottles in fridge, then use within 24 hours. The colief was still effective then. Thanks girls. xx mithical and James 6 weeks today :\)


  • I've now weaned Hugo off it, but I used to fill up some little tommee tippee pots (the ones that fit inside the bottles) with expressed breast milk (a few teaspoons) and keep them in the fridge. Then I would take one out, put the colief drops in it and leave it on our kitchen bench - our kitchen is very cold so I wasn't worried about leaving it to sit for a few hours till the next feed. Then once I'd used that, I'd take another pot out of the fridge, leave it to warm to room temp and add the drops again.

    It was a real faff but I did notice the difference with Hugo. I've had to wean him off it though as we're off to NZ soon and I couldn't keep up that sort of fiddling around on the 26 hour flight!

    I have read a lot of people on the forum here say that colief didn't work for them but it didn't look like they were following the instrcutions properly so that may be why. It is a complete nightmare to use, but it was great for us.

    Peeptoe and Hugo (10+5)
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