LO drinking own milk?

Hi, my DD is 8.5 months and the last couple of days has refused me feeding her milk from her bottle. However, she'll happily drink from it herself and finish it all. It takes her a little while longer as she's kind of taking a few sips then starting again. Should I just let her get on with it?? Is it ok for them to be doing this??
The bedtime bottle she'll let me do, think it's because she's sooo tired and given up wanting to be independant by that stage :lol: xx


  • i would let her do it but would supervise her at all times, never leave her alone with it though im sure you wont have done anyway. x
  • Olivia has just turned 8 months but she started helping me hold her bottle at around 6 months and from them the odd time she would take it off me and drink it herself now she does it all the time, she sits on my knee and drinks away at the bottle herself, I would say go for it, it's her way of wanting to be a bit more independant.
  • As long as she's still being supervised, I can't see any reason for her not to feed herself her bottle.
  • Thanks ladies and oh yes, she's still sat on my lap whilst she's drinking it image xx
  • Dylan takes the bottle from me at times he also takes it out of his mouth to wind himself and have a chat to his daddy half way through sometimes :lol:

    He likes the independence but he has to have it wioth the cuddle that comes from sitting on mummies knee, its the only ones I get now he just wants to be off with me sat nearby :\( shame he cant figure out how to move yet :lol:

    Just let her hun and enjoy that bedtime one!
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