TMI but I need your advice please!


Since having Lily I have had heavy periods, despite being back on the pill. I never had heavy periods before Lily, before the pill or even while on it. I also have never had period pains, but now I get them quite bad - just want to curl up on the sofa with a hot bottle! Also (tmi sorry) when I wipe there are large bits that I wipe away. I never had this before having Lily. I can't understand why my periods have gone like this especially as I am back on the pill.

Anyone else's periods gone weird? Feel stupid going to the docs about it. What do you ladies thinks???




  • Hi Louise, i'm Jo. I've not experienced this myself but i would certainly advise going to see your G.P. Chances are its nothing but any changes to your menstral cycle should be looked at especially if you are on the pill and experiencing pain for the first time. You shouldn't feel stupid about going to your doctor it's what they are there for - and if you feel like they fob you off and you still feel anxious insist on seeing someone else.
    Best Wishes Jo xx
  • hi hon!!

    how old is Lily, and how many periods have you had?

    i ask this (not cos i'm nosey!!), but after my second, for about 6 months my periods were horrific!!

    i've always been lucky - mild - if any-pain, regular / occasionally super tampons etc - but after my second lo, i needed super plus tampons, and changed every few hours. i also had a lot more pain than usual, but after about 6 months, they did settle to how they were usually.

    after my third, i was prepared for the heavy onslaught, but it never came (thankfully)

    maybe ride it out ofr a few months, and see if it settles. if not tho, see your GP - it could be worth checking your iron levels too to make sure they are making you anaemic

  • I had this. It was awefull, so painfull and the clots were huge! Eventually my GP suggested the Mirena coil. Had it fitted in Nov, and after a couple of months things have really settled down well, now get a couple of days of mild cramps, then 24 hours moderate bleed then a couple of days of very light spotting. Much better.

    Good luck. xx
  • Thanks for that I'm pleased it is not just me!

    Ollier - Lily is 7 1/2 months old and I have had 'normal' periods for the last 5 months I think!

    I dare not even use tampons again lol!

    I will see what next month is like and if it is the same will make an appointment with the doctors. I hope they are not like this forever now. Last month was the 'best' month I've had and I though it was getting better but no, this month is horrid too! Not too sure about the coil???


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