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what nappies do you use?

just thought id see and see where you get nappies from and if there are any offers on anywhere.

Morrisons do 104 pampers for ??9.90


  • We use washables, but do have a stock of Boots own.... I think we get 2 packs of 66 for ??13
  • I used Pampers for over a year then I found they started to leak at night wtih Kara. I changed to Tesco's own and I think they are brilliant and have never looked back. At the minute there is 3 packs for ??10. I think there are 26 in a pack. Tesco change their offers from time to time but this one has been on for a while.
  • the only nappy that can keep control of JJs REALLY wet nappies are pampers baby dry...we've tried every nappy except Tescos (gave up trying before we got to them lol) and they all leaked after about half an hour...i've had some nightmares with nappies!! pampers even keep him dry for 10 hours overnight! x
  • Pampers are the only nappies that havent leaked with my lo, ive tried asda own brand, huggies and tushies (really wanted to use these as made from natural organic cotton etc) and they all leaked. Also i find he is most comfy in pampers as they're quite soft, whereas huggies leave marks on his skin. I have noticed that pampers do have a bit of a smell though, like plastic! Though ive never noticed a smell on lo after using xx
  • Hi, we use pampers, a combination of active fit, pull ups and night time. We have found them really good, the active fit come up higher at the waist so offer really good protection from our experience. 
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