when to go back to biological washing powder?

hi i was just wondereing when it would be ok to go back to biological washing powder? lo is almost 6 months old and i have started weaning him, meaning his clothes and bibs are getting covered in food and it isnt coming out in the wash! i do use vanish spray before washing but it doent work that well. the other option is to feed lo when he is naked! hehe!

ashy x


  • I changed to a tommee tippee rubber bib, its much better wipes clean so not nearly as much mess and the stains, roll up sleeves and have a wipe to hand for those fingers!

  • I've started using biological again!! Lo was 6 months just over a week ago and he's never had a problem with his skin or anything so i did a few washes in it and he still seems fine so i'm just using it the whole time!

  • I started a couple of weeks ago (lo is 6.5 months), and I introduced it gradually. Started with the outer clothes, then moved to vests. She was fine, and now carrot stains are a thing of the past!
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