Need advice please - teething

Hi all

My LO ( 9 1/2 months) has 2 teeth. He was really bad when cutting them. Now he has been off solids again for almost 2 weeks, bit of a temp, nasty nasty nappies, cold, cough and not sleeping too well. We had all the signs before when he cut his last two teeth but just wondering if anyone else's LO had this as I dont want to rule out it could be something else...



  • Yes, my lo was really quite poorly before he cut his first tooth-I thought he was il and it was just a coincidence but sure enough, the week before number 2 he was the same. Were now on number 4 and he's not suffered quite so much but we've still had a temp, off food, grumpy etc x
  • Oh JOEY I could have written that post myself! ANd I know what you mean about not wanting to blame it on teeth, but this is exactly what my LO was like before his first tooth made an appearance and is whenever they flare up.

  • Hiya chick my LO is a nightmare teether, he has 6 now and I dread the next lot as I know they are soon,

    I would say your LO has classic teething signs the only thing I would watch is the temp, my doctor told me recently (for something seperate when LO had croup) that temp always means infection somewhere, so going by that teething shouldnt cause a tempreture over 38. However it may well do and I am sure others can help you better than me xxx
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