What do you LO's wear to bed?

Beth has been swaddled up to v recently with blankets over her. Now she is unswaddled she moves widthways in the cot ALL the time and is out of the blankets so I want to get her a sleeping bag so she stays warm and can't get tangled in blankets.

I was thinking a 2.5 tog. It's about 18 degrees in the nursery. We have the heating on 24/7. I wouldn't say she's a particularly hot or cold baby. What should she wear with this? I saw on one website it said LONGsleeve bodysuit and PJ top. We don't even own long sleeve bodysuits! I was thinking shortsleeve bodysuit and sleepsuit but will her body/legs be too warm and her arms cold?!!

What do your LO's wear in bed?


  • Hi,my ds is 8 months and he wears a baby grow or pjs with a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. He is so nice and snug in it i wish they'd do them in our size!!
  • mine is 6 weeks, she wears a vest, long sleeve long legged sleepsuit and is in a 2.5 tog growbag our room is about 18-21 degrees

  • Our LO is in a 2.5tog sleeping bag and at the moment as it's so cold he is wearinga fleecy long sleeved baby grow with short sleeved vest underneath. His legs are then swaddled down with a sheet.
    It is usually about 18degrees in his nursery in the evening but we can't afford to have the heating on all the time.so it goes down to about 12/13degrees some nights.
    We live in Scotland so some nights it has been really freezing outside. He is always cosy and sleeps all night. On warmer nights he wears a normal long sleeved babygrow.
  • My LO wears a long sleeved body suit and then a sleepsuit on top, with a 2.5tog bag, temperature about 19 degrees xx
  • Ollie has a long sleeved vest and a baby grow and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag we dont have the heating on all night tho it comes on at intervals xxxx
  • Luke has a long sleeved vest and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag, if I run out of the vests then I put an ordinary babygrown on instead and then put him in the sleeping bag.

  • At the mo we have a short sleeved ves, long sleeve babgro and 2.5 tog sleeping bag and he is very cosy! love the fact his feet are warm but never sweaty! I don't feel comfortable just putting him in a long sleeve vest just yet. Our room is between 19-22.
  • Charlotte usually wears a sleepsuite with a 2.5tog sleeping bag and the room is usuually around 23 degrees until the heating goes off in which case it slowly drops to around 19 degrees. However with no heating at the moment her room is a permanant 10-12 degrees so she is currently in a babygro, sleepsuit, sleeping bag and a baby duvet tightly tucked in to try to stop her wriggling out of it !
  • Hi hun

    LO wears a short sleeved vest plus long sleeved babygro under a 2.5 tog sleeping bag for the night.

    For day time naps, I take his trousers and jumper/top off so he's just in his vest in the sleeping bag as our heating is on during the day only. Seems to work well.

  • Our room is usually about 17 or 18 degrees and Sasha wears a short sleeve vest, long sleeve babygro and a 2.5tog sleeping bag and scratch mits.
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