40 a day baby smoker


I can not even write a response!

Education education education, makes me realise after all the b!tching about the UK in recent elections how privaliged we are our children would be protected from this!


  • omg
    that has left me lost for words.
  • omg
    that has left me lost for words
  • OMG I seen this on the front page, I actually feel sick after reading that, especially the quote from his dad 'he looks healthy to me what's the problem'
  • Can't find the words that express my disgust... Poor, poor little mite.
    d x
  • I would not have belived it if I had not seen the photos!! This is really awful.

  • G/C but i read it in the sun yesterday,with pics also,i actually couldn't stop staring at the little boy smoking thinking that is just so so wrong

    his dad gave him 1 at 18 months and since then hes smoked 40 a day or he goes mental his mum said,complains of a sore head and feeling dizzy!!!!! geezeo nae wonder being so young and smoking 40 a day!!!!!!!

    the government have offed his family a car if he stops smoking but his dad said he didn't see anything wrong with it!!!!! clearly he needs glasses more than a car!!!!!
  • OMG I am lost for words too!!! I am also astounded that at 2 years old he's 4stone!!!!! I thought Sumatra was quite a deprived country but to be that size he must eat a hell of a lot and for his parents to be able to afford their ciggarettes and his.......

    I just don't know what to say..........
  • omg, i didn't read it properly, but the images made me feel ill! of course he would have a headache and feel dizzy, that'ld be the withdrawal! bloody hell! i wonder how much money the family ahve made from selling their story around the world? the smoking abby has prob bought in more maney than a car from the government. surely the government could force them into a rehab program of some sort. and why o why, would anyone, no matter how ignorant/stupid/naive give an 18month old a cigarette, let alone progress taht quickly over 6months to 40 a day, most adult 40 a dayers started off on the 5-10 and over the course of years built up to 40 a day. i'm astounded! and why ahs the father not been arrested, he's given a toxic substance knowingly to his child? if he was pouring whiskey down his neck i'm sure they would've stepped in a lot more.
  • Oh my gosh, I am absolutely horrified by that story, words cannot describe how disgusted I am. His parents are a disgrace!
  • Those pics just made me feel sick. The poor little mite.


  • omg totally lost for words!! I was that disgusted I couldn't even finish reading it!
  • OMG how awful, my in laws smoke but would never smoke in front of my kids and when were coming up always have windows etc open and even at that you can still smell smoke from the kids when we get home and its immediate bath/shower and clothes in the wash basket, to actually teach you child to smoke???why???
  • I feel sick after seeing those pics.
  • Sad sad sad situation....
  • poor little boy I read this story the other day, not only does he smoke, he is so overweight he cant work around and has to move around on a toy car, this is just sick child abuse! image
  • words fail me!
  • his life is over before its begun- so sad and frustrating!!
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