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Any ideas how do you get the baby to move from the moses basket to the cot. I put her in the cot she just kicks all the blankest off and screams. Shes a long baby and it will get to the stage she will need something bigger.

Any ideas?


  • hi, have you tried those sleeping bags my l/o kicked the blankets off all the time but they can't with the sleeping bags he slept much better with them. he only had one and when it went in the wash i deffinatly noticed a difference. it's worth a try. good luck x x
  • hi.
    does she sleep fine in the moses basket?
    if so shes probably upset about going in the cot because its much bigger and she doesnt feel as safe and secure as she does in her moses basket.
    try putting her in the moses basket and putting the moses basket in the cot for a few nights. this way she can get used to being in the cot whilst having the security of her moses basket.
    hope this helps
    Toni x
  • put the moses basket inside the cot for a few days/nights, this worked for me. my lo was so long too, he was only in the moses basket til 10 weeks.
  • hi. my archie is still in his moses basket during the day he is 8 weeks old. at night he sleeps in his carrycot which has lasted my other 4 kids til they were around 16 weeks. i am starting to thinkk that i will put him in his cot soon as then he can use his gro bag for sleeping in. have you got the mattress setting up at the highest point? when your baby is in a moses basket he is high up but if you put him in a cot that has a low down mattress setting it is a totally different sensation. so try it at the higher setting. hope this helps.xxxx
  • My lo didn't like the cot intially. I put a blanket over the side of the cot for the first few nights and she settled quite quickly. I think she didn't like the openess of the cot
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